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Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I document my adventures in DIY, interior design, entertaining, and fashion all while sharing little tidbits of my life along the way. Thanks so much for following along. It seriously means the world to me!

Arrow Pumpkins

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


In honor of the launch of, I'm sharing DIY ideas all week using my new logo … because let's face it … I'm obsessed with it!  When I chose this logo I immediately could see these arrows all over decor pieces in my house!  So, first up, I'm sharing one of my favorite pumpkin decorating ideas.  

Carving pumpkins is super fun, but when your Halloween guests are on their way over, you don't have time to get the carving tools out!  Enter these Arrow Pumpkins.  They are so easy.  They are the perfect last minute Halloween decorations for your shelves. Might I suggest pairing these with this easy Halloween decoration?

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
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Mini White Pumpkins (I got mine at Trader Joe's) 

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Take your Sharpie and draw your arrows.  That's it!  If your Sharpie starts to run out, draw on some paper and then resume drawing on your pumpkins. 

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It's a Party Up In Heeerr … It's Launch Day!

Triangle Pattern DIY Pillow