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DIY 4th of July Hat + Scarf

4th of July DIY

My new favorite summer accessory is this straw boater hat. I have to fight with myself every morning not to wear it. If I didn't do that, I would seriously wear it everyday. It seems to add the final touch to every outfit I have in my closet. So naturally I thought of another excuse to wear this beloved hat. Enter 4th of July! I thought some red + white striped ribbon could make this cutie festive. Then I went one step further and stamped a white scarf I had lying around with some nautical blue stars. So, meet my DIY 4th of July outfit. This hat + scarf combo will literally take you all of 5 minutes. 

DIY 4th of July Clothes

summer hat
red + white striped ribbon
white summer scarf (I used an old Gap one I had)
nautical blue stamp pad
star stamp
tape or glue (not pictured)
iron (not pictured)

DIY 4th of July Hat

Wrap ribbon around hat covering any current ribbon. Alternatively, you may remove the current ribbon. Secure with tape or glue.

DIY 4th of July Scarf

Cover work surface with newspaper or a plastic garbage bag. Place scarf on top of protected work surface. Stamp stars in a random pattern across the scarf. Allow to dry for several hours before handling. Set a cloth on top of the stars, and set with a hot iron.

DIY 4th of July Outfit
4th of July Outfit

What are some of your other favorite 4th of July DIY ideas? Let my readers and me know in the comments below.

P.S. If you are hosting this year, check out my 4th of July party ideas post.

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