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DIY Christmas Tree Place Cards Holders

DIY Christmas Tree Place Cards Holders

DIY Christmas place card holders

Need a really last minute idea to make your Christmas table look festive? These DIY Christmas place card holders are just the thing. They pair perfectly with the DIY Christmas placemats and Christmas tree garland I shared.

DIY Christmas place cards

needle nose pliers
drill bit with a diameter just larger than your wire
18-gauge wire
1.5" wood cubes
super glue (Loctite is my fave)

straightening wire

Cut a piece of wire about two feet long. Straighten your wire by grasping it with your pliers on one end and spinning it in a drill on the other end. Make sure to keep tension on the wire as you spin the drill.

how to make Christmas place card holders

Starting at the bottom, bend the wire with your pliers into a triangle shape twice around. When you get to the end of your second triangle, bend your wire down at the halfway point of the bottom of the triangle to form your piece to insert into the wood. Cut this piece to about 1.5."

homemade Christmas place card holders

Drill a hole halfway into the cube.

make your own Christmas place card holders

Cover the end of the wire with super glue, and insert into the cube. 

Above is a little video tutorial on how to do these DIY Christmas place card holders.

Christmas place setting ideas

Hope you likes!

Christmas place card ideas

How fun would it be to use some silly photos of guests at the table?

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