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Blog Tips: The One Household Item That Changed My Photography World

DIY photography tips

It's time for my second "behind the blog" post. We are talking photography folks. Do you ever see those photos that are so bright + white it just takes your breath away? You swear the photographer just bottled up all of the sunshine he/she could find and put it into the shot. Well, I've got a little trick for you to get that bright white look. I use this tool for all of my photo shoots. Well, it's not exactly a real tool. It is just something I made (go figure) with some household items. I call it the foil board. So what does the foil board do you ask? Well, it reflects the light to give your photo more ooomph (that's a technical term) and less shadowing.

DIY photography tools

Yep, that's my little set up right there. Pretty glamorous huh? I photograph in front of the couch next to the sliding glass door. This is where most of the light comes through in the house. I put a roll of white paper down (this is another amazing tool ... more on that in another post) and stand up the foil board to the left. If I got really clever with it, I would add a stand to the back of the foil board. I should probably do that. To make this foil board, you literally take a piece of foam board + wrap + tape foil around it. So do you want to see why the foil board changed my photography life? Take a look below. The first shot is with no foil board, and the second shot is ... you guessed it ... with the foil board.

Without Foil Board

DIY photography tricks

With Foil Board

DIY photography ideas

See the difference in the shadows on the left? Pretty dramatic huh? These shots are straight out of the camera with no editing. Imagine once I edit them and put some contrast in there!

Please add any other lighting tips you have below. We are all in this together.

P.S. Here is the tutorial for those DIY Loafers.

Also do you guys like these "behind the blog" posts? If so, how often should I do them? Once a month? Once a week? I'd love to hear your thoughts because I can't ever make a decision.

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