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DIY Tissue Box Cover

DIY Tissue Box Cover

DIY tissue box cover

I have been crying a lot of happy tears since our son was born. It was such an amazing experience to say the least. So in honor of happy tears today I'm sharing a chic two-toned felt tissue box cover. This DIY tissue box cover was inspired by these West Elm storage bins. It pairs perfectly with my DIY industrial toilet paper holder.


2 12” x 18” sheets of stiff felt (one in gray and one in black)
sewing machine
black thread
gray thread
tissue box

DIY tissue box cover supplies

Cut one strip of felt in each color to size 18” x 2 5/8.” (I recommend using the manufacturer’s edge for one side of each felt strip because we will be lining these sides up and sewing them together. Perfectly straight edges are ideal for this). Cut another piece of gray felt to size 4 5/8”  x 4 5/8” with a cutout rectangle in the center that measures 2 ½” x 1 ¼.”

DIY tissue box cover step 1

Line up the straight 18” edges of the long black and gray felt strips. Sew these together side by side using a zig zag stitch and black thread. Leaving a 1/16” seam, straight stitch the short ends together to form a loop. I recommend using gray thread here.

DIY tissue box cover step 2

Leaving a 1/16” seam, straight stitch the top square to the gray felt. Leave the seam inside out, and place the cover over the tissue box. Voila! You are done!

DIY tissue box

So what do you think? 

DIY Kleenex box cover

Hope you all like this project! Thanks for crafting with me!

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