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Somebody Loaves You Valentine's Day Gift

Somebody Loaves You Valentine's Day Gift

DIY Valentine's Day gift

What better way to show someone you love them than with a basket full of carbs? I can't think of one can you? Meet the "Somebody Loaves You" Valentine's Day Gift Basket. This DIY Valentine's Day gift idea is affordable and adorable.  It makes a great gift for teachers or neighbors. You can give the gift of a whole basket or just one loaf. Also, it would be super cute to do this with the fresh bread you serve at Valentine's Day dinner with your honey.

Valentine's Day DIY gift

You can use one of your favorite homemade bread recipes or buy some loaves from your favorite local bakery. I went to Whole Foods + picked up their fresh ciabattas in the bakery section. They are soooooo good. My favorite are the rosemary.

Valentine's Day DIY

The "Happy Valentine's Day" design works for anyone + everyone. Did you know that Valentine's Day was speculated to be established sometime in the 5th century? A lil' trivia for you (that I looked up of course).

DIY Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Neighbor Gift

As I mentioned above, this makes a great neighbor gift. Show up at your neighbor's door + hand the basket to them in person or leave the basket at your neighbor's doorstep. If you do the latter, make sure to wrap it in cellophane, so the bugs don't get at it.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Valentine's Day dinner ideas
Valentine's Day bread
mixing eggs and flour in a mixing bowl Valentine's Day ideas

If you are doing homemade bread, start by baking your bread in small loaves.

Valentine's Day printable favor bags

Print the free Valentine's Day printable templates onto your glassine bags. You will notice the templates are upside down. This is because it is best to put your glassine bags in the printer upside down, so they don't get jammed.

DIY bread wrap

Cut the top + bottom off of each glassine bag. Slide the loaf inside the wrap. If the loaf won't fit inside the wrap, cut the wrap open, wrap it around the loaf, and tape the back together using washi tape. Tie twine around the wrapper. Fill a basket or give as individual loaves of love.

free Valentine's Day printables

There are a half dozen printable designs for you to choose from. You can write your names on them or leave them just the way they are.

Valentine's Day party ideas

Valentine's Day Teacher Gift

This also makes a great Valentine's Day teacher gift. Send a loaf or basket with your child to school wrapped in cellophane with your child's name written on it.

Valentine's Day teachers

Fill the basket with some patterned tissue paper, and put the teacher's name on the front for some added cuteness.

Valentine's Day teacher gift

The "Somebody Loaves You" design might be my favorite, especially when you put your child's name on it for teacher gift giving.

Valentine's Day bread gift

Are these loaves of fun or what?! Sorry I couldn't resist.

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