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Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I document my adventures in DIY, interior design, entertaining, and fashion all while sharing little tidbits of my life along the way. Thanks so much for following along. It seriously means the world to me!

DIY Monogram Doormat

DIY Monogram Doormat

With the holidays right around the corner, I'm trying to get my house guest-ready. I realized the other day that my front door was looking a little sorry, so I figured I should do something about it. It's the first thing guests will see when they come over after all.  Monograms make just about anything fancy, so here is a DIY Monogram Doormat tutorial to make you fancy. And bonus ... it's an IKEA hack.

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IKEA Doormat

Blue Painter's Tape

Black Truck Bed Coating Spray (This is better than spray paint as it will not rub off.)

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DIY Monogram Doormat

Create monogram stencil with blue painter's tape. Spray on coating spray. Let dry and remove tape. And that's it!


DIY Monogram Doormat

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