Healthy Bean Dip For GameDay

 Healthy Layered Bean Dip

Well the Cardinals aren't in the Super Bowl this year, so it's been a little sad around here ... but the Super Bowl must go on! So we've got a little idea for you. Instead of serving up the normal Layered Bean Dip with all of that fattening stuff like re-fried beans and sour cream, try our healthier version with roasted red pepper hummus and Greek yogurt! It's just as good! Trust me ... I've been eating it all week!

 Healthy Layered Bean Dip

You can fancy it up with whatever other layers you would like: lettuce, olives, feta cheese, etc. Have fun with it!

But we must suggest using whole wheat tortilla chips. They are delicious! I like them better than regular tortilla chips! And they are much better for you of course!

To make it festive ... serve the dip in an oval shaped dish and make football threads using an icing bag.

BOOM! Or should I say SCORE?! To go along with your bean dip, here are some Super Bowl party favor ideas.

 Healthy Layered Bean Dip

BTW, plant pots (IKEA) totally work as chip serving bowls!

Healthy Bean Dip

10 mins 

With roasted red pepper hummus and Greek yogurt instead of re-fried beans and sour cream!

roasted red pepper hummus (Trader Joe's)
Greek yogurt
feta cheese

Directions: In an oval shaped serving dish, layer feta cheese crumbles. Add any other layers you would like: lettuce, olives, etc. Finally, add a layer of roasted red pepper hummus. Using an icing bag, make laces with Greek yogurt.

Happy Super Bowl!

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