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Homemade Capellini and Scallops with KitchenAid

Homemade Capellini and Scallops with KitchenAid

homemade capellini with scallops

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You guys! Homemade capellini! How delicious is homemade pasta? I mean it tastes so much better than store bought dried out pasta. I think you should definitely treat yoself to a little homemade pasta this week. You totally deserve it, and you most definitely already have the ingredients sitting in your pantry and fridge just begging to be used. I made homemade capellini the other day with KitchenAid. If you aren't familiar with capellini, it is a very thin variety of pasta ... just a little bit bigger in diameter than angel hair. It's in the form of long strands like spaghetti. I topped the capellini with seared scallops, fried shallots, fresh herbs, and a lemon butter sauce. It turned out delicious. For the homemade capellini recipe and instructions hop on over to KitchenAid's blog, the Kitchenthusiast. I'll just give you the skinny right here.

pasta with scallops

I used to not be a fan of scallops. I don't think they were cooked right the first time I had them, and I got turned off. As you know if they aren't cooked right, they can taste rubbery and tough. But since then I have tried my hand at them and have hopped on the pasta with scallops train. And let me tell ya honey I ain't gettin off anytime soon. I am totally smitten. And this recipe just makes my mouth water thinking about it. The lemon zest, herbs, and fried shallots send it over the top. Please do me favor ... use the butter not all olive oil alright? Thanks. Glad we had that talk.

easy homemade pasta recipe

For this easy homemade pasta recipe, I used a simple egg pasta dough. It's literally flour, eggs, water, and salt.

easy homemade pasta

What makes this easy homemade pasta is running it through a machine. There is however one quick sesh of hand kneading ... but ain't no thang right?

homemade pasta dough

When pasta making, definitely cut the pasta dough into fourths before running it through the pasta roller attachment. Otherwise, it will get too long and unmanageable. It's also not liable to fit in the roller.

pasta making

Here is how the pasta roller works. You start at level one, and then you work your way up until you reach setting seven. For level one, you start by rolling the dough through. Then you fold it into thirds and roll it through again.

making pasta

You repeat this process a couple of times. When you move onto setting two, you run the dough through the roller a couple of times as well.

rolling out pasta dough in a machine

Once you get to setting three, you roll the homemade pasta dough through just once on each setting until you get to number seven.

rolling out pasta

You are left with long sheets like this. Making pasta is quite fun. I especially like rolling out the pasta. Your kiddos will get a kick out of it too.

cut pasta

Once you have the long sheets, it's time to move on to cut pasta. You change out the attachment and get started cutting. It's as simple as that. You obviously will use the capellini attachment in this case.

homemade capellini

The long beautiful strands of homemade capellini sit for a couple minutes before they are ready to go in the pot. There is nothing quite like throwing fresh strands of pasta into a pot of boiling water. This part is way quicker than the dried pasta. 👍🏻 It only needs to cook for a couple of minutes until it is tender.

homemade capellini pasta

How gorgeous are these long strands of homemade capellini pasta?

handmade pasta

As far as drying homemade pasta, a great way to let your pasta strands dry is to twirl them into nests like so.

drying homemade pasta

These homemade pasta nests give me all sorts of feels. 

making homemade pasta with a mixer attachment

I definitely recommend making homemade pasta with a mixer attachment. It makes it so much easier.

pasta and scallops

The rest of the recipe involves making a sauce, zesting some lemons, chopping some herbs, and pan searing some scallops. Oh man it's so great you guys. Pasta and scallops for the win. I really hope you like it! Remember to visit the Kitchenthusiast for this lemon butter capellini with scallops recipe.

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