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How To Make Balloon Tassels

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Today I'm showing you how to make balloon tassels. Do you remember the balloons from my graduation party for Shutterfly? Well do you remember why you loved them? It was probably the tassels. Do you know when something is super simple but makes a huge impact? That is what these balloon tassels are. They are so simple yet they add so much to your party decor. Your guests will go nuts over them, especially when they are paired with these giant gold round balloons. So let's get started ... shall we?

Tissue Paper Garland.jpg
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Baker's Twine
Tissue Paper

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Balloon Garland

Stack all of the pieces of tissue paper you will need for one balloon on top of one another and line up the edges. I used two pieces of each color for one balloon.

Balloon Streamers

Fold the stack in half. 

How To Make Balloon Streamers

Fold it in half again.

Balloon Tassels.jpg

Cut slits into the side without the fold. 

How To Make Tissue Paper Garland

Open your tissue paper up. 

How To Make Garland.jpg

Cut it down the center.

How To Make Tissue Garland

Open up each sheet of tissue paper.

DIY Tissue Paper Garland

Roll each sheet of tissue paper one at a time ...

Tissue Paper Garland DIY

... until you have it all rolled up.

Balloon Garland DIY

Make a loop in the center of the tassel and twist it around the baker's twine. Continue adding tassels to the twine and tie the twine to the balloon. High fives ... you're done.

Grad Party Ideas

Here's how I used the balloons in my graduation party. If you're craving more, here are more of my graduation posts, and here are more of my Shutterfly projects.

Hope you likes! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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