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Sharing the Joy with World Market

Sharing the Joy with World Market

This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market. Thank you for supporting my partners!

how to put together a gift basket


As part of their Share the Joy campaign, this holiday season Cost Plus World Market is giving back to those who give all year long. They are enlisting the help of bloggers to surprise a deserving person or organization with a gift basket full of goodies. I was so excited they asked me to be a part of this beautiful gesture. Keep on reading because they are also running a Share the Joy Contest as a part of this campaign.

gift baskets

I knew exactly who I wanted to surprise when Cost Plus World Market asked me to "share the joy" with someone who always gives back. Pamela Chambers survived cancer while pregnant and was the sole survivor of a plane crash. She now dedicates her life to bringing joy back to others' lives through her work as a counselor. She is also a child advocate and best-selling children's book author. I have never met a more compassionate person than Pam, and I have realized as a new mom the kind of mother she was to my four siblings and me. Yes, I am happy to call her mom and now grandma to our son Flynn! I'll explain how this all went down. But first here is the gourmet cooking basket I surprised her with as well as my step-by-step instructions for how to put together a gift basket. I also include some tips for making gift baskets beautiful. Hope you likes!


putting together a gift basket

1. Start with a runner, tablecloth, or tissue paper to create a base.

It's always a good idea to line your gift basket with something. It's aesthetically pleasing, and it keeps little items from falling through basket gaps. I lined my mom's basket with this gold pine needles table runner. It created the perfect base for the gold + organic holiday look I was going for.

things to put in a gift basket

2. Add larger items first.

My second tip for creating a beautiful gift basket is to add larger items like this cutting board first. They will peek out the back, and your recipient will be able to get a glimpse of all of the goodies you worked so hard to curate.

things to put in gift baskets 

3. Continue to layer items from largest to smallest.

There are many things to put in gift baskets, but the real magic is how you put them in there. Working your way from the back of the basket to the front, continue to layer the goods from largest to smallest. Save the trinkets for the front and to throw on top. And there you have my how to put together a gift basket tutorial. As a side note, these tablet stands make great gifts for her or even gifts for him.

gift basket tips

These metallic plates are one of my favorite items in the basket. My mom has gold and white china for the holidays. I knew these plates would make the perfect compliment.


hostess gifts

Here are some more pretty gifts in the basket. BTW, items like these geode salt + pepper shakers make great hostess gifts.

marble coasters things for a gift basket

It took everything for me to not keep these marble coasters for myself. How great are they? They would contrast so well with a wood table or credenza.

gourmet cooking gift basket ideas

Nothing says gourmet cooking like this round olivewood spoon. I feel so fancy even typing the product name. Since my mom loves to cook, I think she will get a lot of use out of this.

table runner liner for gift basket

How pretty does this table runner look peeking out the side of the gift basket? As I mentioned, my mom has a gold and white china set for the holidays, so I thought this would match perfectly.


giving a gift basket

I was so excited to give this gift basket to my mom. There is really no one more deserving. To give you a better idea of what kind of person she is, remember when I told you she had cancer when she was pregnant? Well she was pregnant with me, and the doctors told her before a risky surgery it would either be her life or the baby's life. She said without hesitation it would be my life. It is a blessing we are both still here and doing well! 

Cost Plus World Market Share the Joy Campaign

My mom was super surprised when she saw me! She had no idea we were coming as you can tell in this photo. Mission accomplished! We met her outside her practice with a video camera rolling. Her wonderful assistant made it all possible.

World Market Share the Joy campaign

Here I am showing her the gift basket for the first time. She loves Cost Plus World Market, so she was more than thrilled to know all of the items came from there.

World Market Share the Joy Contest

You guys! Can I do this every year? That was so much fun!

To give you an even better idea of how this all went down, I made a video for you. I've been having so much fun with video lately. I'd love it if you subscribe above so you don't miss any!

gift basket

Here is another peek at the final gift basket. I'm not gonna lie ... I kind of want to make one for myself and gift it to me for the holidays. But that would be weird. Maybe I can hint at the hubs when I show him this post. Don't forget to read on about the contest!



As part of their Share the Joy campaign, Cost Plus is also running a Share the Joy Contest. They want to send you home for the holidays. To enter to win follow the instructions below.


  1. Share a photo or video of a favorite holiday memory on Instagram or Twitter, or Upload to the Share the Joy Contest page and explain why you’d like to go home for the holidays.

  2. You can enter yourself or nominate someone else to win a trip home for the holidays.

  3. Use #WorldMarketJoy and #Contest in the caption if you’re submitting on Instagram or Twitter.

  4. Cost Plus World Market will choose 4 total winners – one per week starting November 1st through November 30th. If your entry is selected, you’ll be on your merry way!

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