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Nutella Sea Salt Molten Love Cakes

Nutella Sea Salt Molten Love Cakes

molten cake

Does it get any more heavenly than molten cake?

Yes, yes it does folks ... nutella sea salt molten cake. Oh man! Hang on guys ... this is going to be a fun ride. Mikes has always been obsessed with nutella, and I could never see why (insert death stare from you). I know ... I know. The truth is, I don't think I ever really tried it. And I feel like nutella is always advertised as a breakfast food, so I kind of always associated it with waffles or pancakes. And this my friends is not doing it justice. I feel nutella is best enjoyed with those medium sized rod pretzels (just thick enough so they don't break when you scoop) ... or in a decadent dessert like molten cake. Molten cake has always been hands down my favorite dessert. If it is on the menu at a restaurant (which we haven't been to many since lil man was born ... let's be real ... hence why I'm making it at home now ;-), you better believe I am ordering it. So back to the pairing of nutella, molten cake, and wait for it ... sea salt. Hop on over to KitchenAid's blog, the Kitchenthusiast, where I share the recipe + full instructions for what I am calling Nutella Sea Salt Molten Love Cakes (a Valentine's Day dessert of course).

lava cake

Do you call it molten cake, lava cake, or molten lava cake? I guess we can all agree on calling it good right? We are talking ooey gooey center + scrumptious cake on the outside folks with a sprinkling of powdered sugar ("aaaaaahhhhhh" ... insert hands to the heavens emoji sign). To make these cake say ... "hey we have nutella inside," I recommend serving them with a scoop (or 10) of hazelnut ice cream. Whatever you do, PLEASE PLEASE don't forget the sprinkling of sea salt.

molten cake recipe

This molten cake recipe involves some stickers + a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top to make hearts + Xs + Os for a cutie patootie Valentine's Day dessert. If you don't have a flour/powdered sugar sifter, no worries. I just use a fine mesh strainer, and it works like a charm.

Valentine's Day dessert

Your Valentine might love you forever after this Valentine's Day dessert. He/she will probably like you even more if you serve these with a glass of cold milk. So much love to give here folks. You can serve these molten cakes right in the ramekin ... 

nutella lava cake

... or dish them out onto a plate. Make sure to grease up the ramekins real good, so they slide right out. Again hop on over to the KitchenAid blog, the Kitchenthusiast, to get the nutella lava cake recipe. And in case you are interested, here are all of my posts for KitchenAid. Happy Valentine's Day loves!

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