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Geometric Mother's Day Surprise

Mother's Day Crafts

Well of course I have figured out my craft for our Mother's Day brunch before anything else. That's usually how it goes. I completely stopped another DIY when I thought of this and put it together right away. Sometimes I do that. I get really excited about something and then I have. to. do. it. now. So, I'm calling this a geometric Mother's Day surprise. If you love your mom, you should probably do this. It will make her feel pretty special. Mom gets to read the reasons why you love her and then pulls the boxes open to reveal little surprises. 

DIY Mother's Day Ideas
Mother's Day Gifts DIY
DIY Mother's Day Gifts

You could also put the "reasons" inside the boxes. That would be super fun too. So here's how you can recreate this.

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Colored Card Stock
Striped Straws
Glue Stick

DIY Blog
DIY Mother's Day

Print favor box templates, banner, and tags. Cut out the banner and glue it to your cardstock. 

Mother's Day DIY

Cut a border around your banner.

Mother's Day DIY Ideas

Glue your banner to the striped straws.

Mother's Day DIY Gifts

Cut out the template for the boxes. Cut along all solid lines even the lines that intersect. This will allow you to fold the boxes. Note: all flaps will indent on the sides. Next, fold (in the same direction) along all dotted lines. Glue the flaps to the adjacent side inside the shape as you go. There will be two flaps touching each other when you are done folding and gluing. Leave this side open. Glue your "reason tags" to the two flaps and seal the shape. Aaaand you're done!

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

What are you all doing for Mother's Day?! Let me know in the comments!

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