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Oreo Cake Pops

Oreo Cake Pops

Oreo Cake Pops

Happy Monday SaucyPants! I am so excited to share this cake pops recipe with you. Our fabulous baking contributor, Christa Quiroz, made these for our American Girl Inspired Party we threw for our little sisters! She did such an amazing job! Mike could not stop eating them! And shhhh ... neither could I!

Oreo Cake Pops

We can't wait to show you the rest of the party and to introduce to you our new party printable collection! Stay tuned later this week for the full post! Take a look at the cute stars! Ahhhh! Can't wait to show you!

For now, here is a little trick on how to display your pops.

{Cake Pop Stand Tutorial}

1. Cover a craft foam block (I used brand FloraCraft ... Note: Do not use styrofoam. It will not hold up the cake pops.) with wrapping paper.

2. Stick the cake pops in ... simple as that!

3. Display in a cool place. Otherwise the cake pops could melt and fall.

Oreo Cake Pops
Oreo Cake Pops

Happy Cake Pops!

Oreo Cake Pops

makes 12
30 mins 

Incredibly delicous ... these are a staple at any party!

  • 1 box of double stuf oreos
  • 1/2 block of cream cheese
  • 1/2 tsb vanilla
  • vanilla candy coating/colored candy discs
  • lolly-pop sticks (found at all Michael's arts and crafts stores)
  • craft foam block

Put oreos in a food processor (about 8 at a time) until they are ground up. Empty ground oreos into a large mixing bowl. Do this with the entire bag of oreos. Cut an 8oz cream cheese block in half, and add 1/2 to the bowl of ground oreos. Add vanilla. Use your hands, or a potato masher to mix the ingredients together until well combined. It should be a consistency where you can roll the mixture into a firm 1 inch round ball.

With your hands take about 2 tablespoons of the mixture at a time and roll into individual balls. If you make them too big, the lolly-pop stick will not support the weight and it will slide down the stick. Place them onto a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Once all of the mixture has been made into balls, refrigerate (or I prefer to freeze) for about 20 minutes. 

After oreo balls have been taken out of the freezer/refrigerator, take the lolly pop sticks and put one through the center of each oreo ball. 

Heat up the candy coating according to the packaging directions in a microwave safe bowl. Dip the oreo balls one at a time in the candy coating. Make sure the entire oreo has been coated - take out and let excess candy drip off for a few seconds. Place oreo pop stick down into craft foam block to dry and harden. Continue to do this with the remaining oreo balls.

Refrigerate oreo pops until ready to serve.

Recipe by our baking contributor, Christa Quiroz.

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