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Lil Man + Me: Food Truck Friday In Plaid

Lil Man + Me: Food Truck Friday In Plaid

mama holding baby - plaid scarf outfit

So I'm starting a new series here on the blog. I'm calling it "Lil Man + Me." I'm going to document the adventures lil' man and I have mainly for my own selfish purposes ... so I have these photos to look back on someday. Also I might show you how I'm not afraid to match the lil guy. I hope you like it! First up ... plaid ... a lil plaid scarf outfit for me and a plaid onesie for lil man.

A few Fridays ago, M and I ventured to Food Truck Friday. It was so fun. We didn't have time to wait for the lobster roll truck since Flynn's bedtime is before the sun goes down. So we will have to venture back to try it. I heard it's unreal. I'll make sure to report back to you guys on how it is. All I have to say is lobster mac 'n cheese ... yeah I know.

mama kissing baby - plaid scarf outfit

Almost everyone who meets Flynn for the first time comments on how big his cheeks are. They are pretty scrumptious. Don't you just want to grab these suckers? This cutie patootie onesie was bought by my sis who got it at Costco! How amazing is that? It is so cozy and totally adorable. I love how he looks like a little hipster farmer in it.

mama and baby standing - plaid scarf outfit

I love this plaid Zara scarf that doubles as a blanket or throw. It's amazing. I couldn't find it online, so I linked to one equally adorable below. P.S. Flynn usually likes to roll with the gangster pant push on the left side. He's pretty hip like that.

mommy kissing baby - plaid scarf outfits

I probably wear these Zella leggings almost everyday of my life. They are ah-mazing and reversible. One of my besties told me about them. That is why of course we are besties.

mama and baby walking - Zara plaid scarf outfit

Let me know what you think of my new series and keep on food truckin' on! 

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