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How To Style Shelves

Shelf Ideas

I received some questions about shelf ideas after I posted my origami DIY home accessories. So I thought I would do a post to answer these questions. There is definitely an art to shelf styling. After many ugly shelves and stalking Emily Henderson's blog, I am getting a little better at decorating shelves. Here is what I've learned. 

How To Decorate A Shelf

1. Buy more than you need + edit later. Gather your accessories in one spot.

My first tip is to buy more accessories than you need. You can keep the tags and receipts, and return what you don't use. You will be surprised at what looks best on your shelves. Before styling, gather all of your accessories in one spot for easy viewing.

How To Style A Shelf

2. Start with frames.

I like to start with frames that I lean up against the back wall. Frames are great in the back because they are tall enough to peek out over your other accessories. 

How To Accessorize Shelves

3. Include something geometric.

I think it's always a good idea to include a geometric shape on your shelves. It gives structure to your collection.

Ideas For Decorating Shelves
Shelf Ideas

4. Include objects with interesting lines.

Make sure to include objects with interesting shapes. I think it's best to use a mix of accessories with curved lines and sharp lines.

Shelves Idea
Ways to Decorate Shelves

5. Something old ... something common.

Something old always adds a nice dimension to your shelves. I also like to repeat a common element to tie everything together. For example, I have a few copper pieces spread out on these shelves. 

Decorating Shelves

6. Buy several objects from the same line.

Five tips would have sounded much cooler, but I couldn't leave this tip out. It might be the best one! To make the elements on the shelf look cohesive, I like to buy several objects from the same line and then mix in other pieces. Designers tend to have a consistent style, so it makes for a look that seems to go together without being matchy matchy. For these shelves, I bought a bunch of accessories from the Threshold line at Target and each one of these frames is Threshold.

How To Style Shelves

I hope these tips help! Please do share if you have any other great tips!

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