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Valentine's Day S'mores Milkshake For Two

Valentine's Day S'mores Milkshake For Two

S'mores Milkshake


I forgot how much I LOVE toasted marshmallows until I made this S'mores {Toasted Marshmallow} Milkshake.  I also realized how different toasted marshmallows are than non-toasted marshmallows.  They are SO MUCH BETTER!

I think that the toasty flavor mellows out the sugary flavor.  Plus the way the toasting turns the consistency of the marshmallows into a yummy delicate oooey gooey delicious mess helps too! This is some serious professional culinary talk folks!

The toasted marshmallows in this smores milkshake definitely make it.  They take you back to summer camp.  Ah I miss those days ... not a care in the world ... singing next to the campfire ... first loves!

Well, this milkshake won't actually take you back to those days.  But I'm hoping it will spark some extra excitement for you and your "last love" or special someone for Valentine's Day.  

I included a couple of versions.  You can toast the marshmallows and blend them into the shake with some Nesquick powder or there is this amazing stuff you can get at World Market called smores cocoa mix that you can substitute.  

Either version will have you singing "Bye Bye Miss American Pie."  I know random ... but that's what we used to always sing next to the campfire.

Trick out your shake with these heart-shaped toppings and some valentine tags.  

The valentine tags are super easy to make.  

Just print your sayings on some Kraft cardstock.  Cut out a long strip around the saying and fold it in half so the saying is showing.  Glue the halves together, leaving some room on the fold for the straw to slip in.  And voila!

Don't forget two straws!

Check out this recipe featured on The Kitchn

S’more Love Milkshake
Makes: 1 to share                      Total Time: 5 minutes

4 scoops vanilla bean ice cream (your fav kind ... I like Blue Bell a lot!)
1/4 cup whole milk
3 or 4 Tablespoons smores cocoa mix from World Market or Chocolate Nesquick (depending on which version you do)
jumbo marshmallows
graham crackers
chocolate squares

Cut out one graham cracker and one marshmallow into a heart with a cookie cutter. Set oven to broil.
Version 1: Toast the heart marshmallow in the oven (on foil) until it begins to brown. Be careful as this is a very quick process (won’t take more than a couple minutes, if that,for them to brown)! Set aside. In a blender, blend ice cream, milk, and smores cocoa mix. Top with toasted marshmallow heart, heart graham cracker, a chocolate square, and two straws.
Version 2: Toast the heart marshmallow along with 3 other marshmallows. In a blender, blend ice cream, milk, the 3 toasted marshmallows, and Nesquick. Top with toasted marshmallow heart, heart graham cracker, a chocolate square, and two straws.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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