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Let My Heart Be Still: 5 Minute Heart Patterned Top

Valentine's Day DIY top

Pilcro and the Letterpress Jeans | American Apparel Bodysuit | Anthropologie Belt

Happy Valentine's Day! Being a crafter, I absolutely love this holiday. After all what is more fun to celebrate than love? So today I have a little Valentine's Day DIY for you: a heart-patterned top. I am tickled pink with how this lil' number turned out, and I hope you are as well. I plan to wear this long after Valentine's Day.  It's so cute! Here goes it ...

Remember the Valentine's Day Heart Pillows? Well, here is something you can do with your leftover pink vinyl

cute Valentine's Day top
heart top DIY
American Apparel Body Suit

I had to turn around in this awkward pose to show you how cute the back of the bodysuit is. It's definitely something you can wear out on the town.

heart top
Valentine's Day Heart Patterned Top Supplies
Kristi Murphy DIY Ideas
Valentine's Day Heart Top Step 1

Using a sharp heart punch and pink iron-on vinyl, punch out hearts.

Valentine's Day Heart Top DIY

Warm the bodysuit with the iron. Quickly (so the bodysuit doesn't cool too much) arrange hearts liner side up on the bodysuit.

Valentine's Day DIY

Using medium pressure press iron onto each heart for 25-30 seconds. Flip bodysuit inside out and do the same on the backside of the fabric.

Valentine's Day Heart Top

Let hearts cool. Peel liner off of each heart.

Valentine's Day Top

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? I can't wait to hear! Let me know in the comments below!

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