Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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So I still haven't kicked my copper obsession. It is actually worse than ever. While shopping at Kmart yesterday for the post, I couldn't stop thinking of DIY ideas with copper pipes. So if you see more copper DIYs don't get mad at me okay. Today I am sharing a DIY toilet paper holder made out of what else ... a copper pipe. I was inspired by this one I saw, but I wanted to change up the hardware a bit to make it look more sleek. 

How To Make A Toilet Paper Holder
Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Supplies Image

toilet paper
1/2" x 1' copper pipe
2 90 degree copper fittings (make sure both ends fit over the copper pipe)
2 1/2" copper straps
2 1/2" copper caps
4 screws
screw driver (not pictured)
super glue (not pictured ... like this kind for copper which is tricky)
pipe cutter (not pictured)

Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Instructions Image
DIY Toilet Paper

Cut two pieces of copper: one 6 1/4" and one 5 3/4."

DIY Toilet Paper Holders

Measure how big you need the third piece of copper based on the size of your toilet paper roll. You want to make sure you have extra space in between the roll and the top copper pipe, so you can roll out your toilet paper. For reference, I cut my piece to 3 1/4." Attach the 90 degree copper fittings to the pipes to make a "U" shape like the photo.

Make A Toilet Paper Holder

Add the caps and straps.

Toilet Paper Holder DIY

Screw on the toilet paper holder using your screws and screwdriver. Should we check out the finished product again? 

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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Copper Me Happy! DIY Copper + Rope Planters

DIY Planters

In the spirit of spring planting, I've got a DIY Planter for you. Not sure if you have noticed, but I am a little obsessed with copper right now. It might be taking over my house. To continue with my addiction, I just made some copper + rope planters. These are made using buckets from the dollar section at Target. How awesome is that? So the total price for this project for me was $5 as I already had the white paint and the plant. I started out doing these planters without the triangles, but I thought they needed a little something. So I added the triangles. You can do these with or without. Here's how ...

How To Make A Planter
Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Supplies Image

Target Dollar Section Bucket
Copper Paint (this is my favorite brand ... doesn't hurt your fingers when pressing on the sprayer and goes on evenly, soft, + shiny)
Glue Gun
White Acrylic Paint (this is what I used ... optional)
Paint Brush

Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Instructions Image
DIY Planter

Spray paint the bucket. Let dry for at least two hours.

Planter DIY

Wrap and glue the rope around the bucket.

Making Planter

If you are doing the triangles, hand paint triangles on the rope. Keep in mind, you don't have to be perfect. 

How To Do Planters

Any other DIY planter ideas? Share them with me in the comments!

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Make Faux Leather Coasters Using Supplies from the Target Dollar Section!

DIY Leather Coasters

Today is faux leather coaster day ... well not really ... but it is here on the blog. Before I get into that though, do you ever get so into projects you kinda forget to take care of yourself? Please say yes, so I don't feel so bad about myself. I definitely haven't brushed my hair for three days. Don't worry, I've showered. I just forgot to brush my hair once I showered ... for three days. I should probably take care of that soon, and that was probably TMI. But there is just too much fun stuff to do around here! One fun thing I did was make some faux leather coasters using supplies from the dollar section at Target. Are you as obsessed with that little aisle of heaven as I am? That place is magical. I always find gorgeous goodies. These gold + turquoise triangle notebooks are my new fave finds. I have a spot in my living room that was in desperate need of some coasters for functionality and looks, and the DIY Shutterfly coasters I did were a big hit. So I decided to use some of my Target dollar store notebooks to make some faux leather coasters for you (and me ... let's be honest). 

Do It Yourself Coasters
Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Supplies Image

Target Dollar Section Faux Leather Notebooks
Ruler (yep this bright gem is from the dollar section too ... woot woot)

Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Instructions Image
How To Make Leather Coasters

Remove the faux leather/covers from the notebooks.

Coasters DIY

Measure and cut out 3.75" squares.

Making Coasters

Aaaaaaand you're done!

DIY Coaster

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Do you like these? Any other ways you DIY Coasters? Let me know in the comments!

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How To Make Gold + White Striped Candles

DIY Candles

I am so excited today is Wednesday because that means a new Flipping Out is on. Do you guys watch it? If you don't, I highly recommend turning it on. It's absolutely hilarious. And if you are an interior designer wannabe like me, it's a must. So, on to some DIYs! Today I'm sharing the tutorial for the Gold + White Striped Candles from my graduation party for Shutterfly. These are so chic for any party.

DIY Party Ideas
Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Supplies Image

Gold Tape - I really like this Martha Stewart Gold Tape because it's opaque ... mine came with some other colors too (an added bonus)
White Candles - I got these IKEA ones ... love them because they are white white

Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Instructions Image
DIY Party Centerpieces.jpg

Cut the tape into lengths that will fit around the candle. Wrap the tape strips around leaving an even amount of white between each strip. How easy was that?

How To Make Striped Candles

These candles totally made the centerpieces for my graduation party. If you're curious here are some more graduation party ideas. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It means so much to me!

Any other fun candle ideas you have done? Let me know in the comments!

Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Share DIYs
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How To Make Balloon Tassels

How To Make Balloon Tassels.jpg

Today I'm showing you how to make balloon tassels. Do you remember the balloons from my graduation party for Shutterfly? Well do you remember why you loved them? It was probably the tassels. Do you know when something is super simple but makes a huge impact? That is what these balloon tassels are. They are so simple yet they add so much to your party decor. Your guests will go nuts over them, especially when they are paired with these giant gold round balloons. So let's get started ... shall we?

Tissue Paper Garland.jpg
Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Supplies Image

Baker's Twine
Tissue Paper

Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Instructions Image
Balloon Garland

Stack all of the pieces of tissue paper you will need for one balloon on top of one another and line up the edges. I used two pieces of each color for one balloon.

Balloon Streamers

Fold the stack in half. 

How To Make Balloon Streamers

Fold it in half again.

Balloon Tassels.jpg

Cut slits into the side without the fold. 

How To Make Tissue Paper Garland

Open your tissue paper up. 

How To Make Garland.jpg

Cut it down the center.

How To Make Tissue Garland

Open up each sheet of tissue paper.

DIY Tissue Paper Garland

Roll each sheet of tissue paper one at a time ...

Tissue Paper Garland DIY

... until you have it all rolled up.

Balloon Garland DIY

Make a loop in the center of the tassel and twist it around the baker's twine. Continue adding tassels to the twine and tie the twine to the balloon. High fives ... you're done.

Grad Party Ideas

Here's how I used the balloons in my graduation party. If you're craving more, here are more of my graduation posts, and here are more of my Shutterfly projects.

Hope you likes! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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