The White Vase Trick

DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Sometimes (okay maybe all of the time) the simplest DIYs are the best DIYs. This DIY Vase is so easy it almost doesn't need a tutorial. You know those modern and white square vases you see in tablescapes? Rather than spending $20 a piece, I use this trick all of the time for my photoshoots. Here is the inside scoop.

DIY Flower Vase
DIY Vase Ideas

short glass
square gift box

DIY Vase Centerpieces

Place your short glass into the bottom of the white box. Fill with your flowers of choice. Totally looks like a real vase ... doesn't it?

DIY Vases

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Anthro Inspired Fedora

Anthropologie DIY

It's probably obvious that I am obsessed with the tribly right about now. I just learned that word btw. For those of you who don't know, a tribly is a fancy word for a fedora ... but how much cooler do you sound if you say tribly? I wore a tribly (well technically this may not be a tribly, but it's a fun hat) on my honeymoon. You also might have seen one hanging up on the taxidermy coat hanger I made. I have been wearing a tribly nonstop this summer because it's only been about 116 degrees ... no really it was 116 today here in AZ ... ick. 

Anthropologie DIY Clothes

But on a happier note ... when I ran across this Classico Fedora (above) the other day at Anthropologie I was instantly in love. In a rare moment of self-control, I didn't buy it. I paused for a second and thought, "I could make that." And you know what ... you can to. Here's how.

DIY Hats

fedora or hat (I got mine at Target)
wide navy ribbon
navy, pink, + yellow jute cord (I got these at Michael's)
yarn needles

Anthropologie Inspired DIY

With your needle and cord, sew the pattern you see in the Anthropologie photo. I recommend threading the needle halfway down the length of the cord, so you are sewing two pieces of cord at a time. I also recommend finishing one patchwork section at a time, rather than weaving the cord around the hat. When you are done sewing the pattern, remove the current ribbon around the hat. Wrap a pice of your navy ribbon around the hat and glue in place.

DIY Anthropologie

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How To Hem Your Jeans

sewing jeans hem

I know a lot of you out there are afraid to hem your jeans. I was right there with ya. But I'm here today to tell you that it is seriously so easy. You shouldn't be afraid, and you shouldn't spend the money on a tailor (not for hemming jeans anyway). Save that money for a cute top to go with your new jeans.

can you hem jeans
can you tailor jeans

Here's a before and after shot. So much better right? 

how to tailor jeans

Hop on over to Brit + Co for the full how to hem your jeans tutorial.

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