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Eve's Birth Announcements

Eve's Birth Announcements

announcement of new born baby

I'm so excited to share Eve's new born announcements. After a lil searchin' we went with this Simple Hi Foil-Pressed Birth Announcement from Minted. I love the design. It's simple and modern and we thought the "hi" went well with Eve's expression in the photo. Speaking of photos, Breanne aka Red Poppy Photo did our newborn photos. She is amazing. I'll be sharing them soon. Stay tuned.

modern birth announcements

Here is the whole set for these modern birth announcements. I love how Minted has font options for the addresses that match the cards.

new born announcements

We chose the rose gold color for the foil-press. As you can see, Flynn man likes the new born announcements too.

newborn announcements

You can also get the return address printed with matching font. 

birth announcements

I don't think we ever got around to sending out birth announcements for Flynn, so it was extra fun to send these out. 

announcement for new born

Here is Flynn man "reading" the announcement. He is obsessed with reading these days. 

newborn announcement printed envelopes

Minted will also print recipient addresses for free. It's amazing. Printed addresses really take your cards up a notch. The best part is, once your addresses are uploaded, they are saved for future orders. It makes it so quick for Christmas cards each year as well as any other cards you send out.

newborn announcement photos

My absolute fave thing on Minted is you can see your photo in a bunch of different designs with the "find it fast" option. It is so freakin' helpful ... seriously. I can't wait to show you the rest of our newborn photos. I'm also dying to get the matching thank you cards. Man this Evie girl has already captured my heart.

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Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post and for generally being amazing.

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