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Bacon Brussels Sprout Fritters Topped with a Crunchy Citrus Apple Slaw

Bacon Brussels Sprout Fritters Topped with a Crunchy Citrus Apple Slaw

Brussels sprout fritters

Meet Brussels sprouts fritters. Zucchini fritters you have met your match. These are crunchier, texture-ier, and even more delicious than zucchini fritters. And the bacon just puts them over the top. These Brussels sprouts fritters are great by themselves or you can serve them with a dollup of sour cream or my Apple Citrus Slaw. We are talking in-season produce folks: Brussels sprouts + oranges. These are totally light and fresh for spring, and dare I say they might be fun to make as an Easter side dish. This is the kind of recipe where you say "I don't like Brussels sprouts, but I like Brussels sprouts fritters." This is my latest post for KitchenAid, so hop on over to their bloggy blog The Kitchenthusiast for my Bacon Brussels Sprout Fritters recipe .

preparing brussels sprouts

Definitely hop on over to The Kitchenthusiast for the full recipe + instructions, but I'll get your tastebuds watering here first by showing you a couple of photos of the steps. Preparing Brussels sprouts is of course your first step. How beautiful are these little green spheres? They are so photogenic. I get a lot of questions about this marble and wood tray. It's from Target of course. I linked it below.

washing brussels sprouts

Washing Brussels sprouts is completely self-explanatory, but I can't stop with the photos of these lil green crunchy bits. Speaking of crunchy, I love the texture of Brussels sprouts especially in salads. Fritters can get mushy, but these Brussels sprout fritters hold up well with texture and crunch. The bacon adds a great flavor, and Brussels sprouts and bacon do go hand-in-hand. But you can totally omit the bacon or substitute if you are vegetarian or very disciplined with your healthy eating habits (unlike myself).

chopping brussels sprouts

When chopping Brussels sprouts, I like to first cut the stalks off the ends. Then I thinly slice them. This gives them a good "shred." You can run them through a food processor, but I feel like this makes them a little too shredded and mushy. But if you are short on time, this option does work. The egg in the recipe will bind the fritters together. The recipe is pretty foolproof. Sometimes patties like these are tricky, but I didn't have too much trouble keeping these together.

making brussels sprouts fritters

I'm gonna warn you though. Making Brussels sprout fritters can get kinda fun. So you may want to get your kiddos involved. I've heard that having your wee ones a part of the cooking process can help get them to eat healthier foods. Apparently having them touch, taste, and feel their food before they eat it can be a positive.

brussels sprouts fritters with apple citrus slaw

Don't be shy with the herbs and garlic. Otherwise these might come out a little bland. This recipe is actually Brussels Sprout Fritters with Apple Citrus Slaw. The Apple Citrus Slaw is so refreshing and tangy. It adds another layer to these bad boys. You can eat this as a salad alone, and it's delicious. It includes Manchego, which is totally my side piece (as in my boyfriend on the side). I am so in love with Manchego cheese. And Manchego + apples ... holy yum.

bacon brussels sprouts fritters

Stack these babies as high as you can. You won't be disappointed. And make extra slaw. It will be great for lunches or snacks during the week. If you are interested, here are all of my posts for KitchenAid. They are seriously the best over there. I heart them in a big way. Again here is a link to my Bacon Brussels Sprouts Fritters recipe + full instructions.

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