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DIY Wall Light for the Non-DIYer

DIY Wall Light for the Non-DIYer

DIY wall light

This DIY wall light is so easy, I'm not even sure I can legally call it a DIY. It basically consists of putting a shade, cord, and wall arm accessory together. But who isn't up for easy ... amiright?! I shared a glimpse of this DIY wall light in my Master Bedroom Reveal post where I also showed you a tutorial for a DIY herrinbone wall. Check it out. It's one of my most popular posts. The bed frame is another DIY I'll be sharing soon. Plus you might recognize the side table. It's my One Step DIY Marble Side Table. Basically I'm telling you almost everything in our master bedroom is a DIY. Fist bump for savings!



Seriously peeps all you do is put together the shade according to the IKEA instructions. Then thread the cord set through the shade. Connect the cord set to the wall arm accessory. Line up the wall arm accessory where you want it on the wall. Mark the hole. Drill a hole. This step is optional of course. Although I recommend always drilling a hole before you drive a screw in and using an anchor if you aren't screwing into a stud. Next, screw the wall arm accessory into the wall. If I remember right, the wall arm accessory comes with hardware. If not, you will need a gold screw that fits. And voila! You are done! How easy is that?!?

DIY wall lamp

Swing arm wall lights are all the rage, and this DIY swing arm wall light is no exception. But in all seriousness I do love me some swing arm lights. They look modern, and the function is fabulous. You can pull the arm closer to the bed when you read, and let me tell you I am getting so much reading done with a newborn at home ;-). 

DIY swing arm wall light

Don't worry I now have that boat photo hanging on the wall. I was in a rush to get the room set up before taking the photos, so I just did the ole "lean against the wall trick." The struggle is real people. (Fun fact: I took the boat photo in Switzerland on our honeymoon! Such good memories)! The inspiration for this DIY wall light is this Nelson™ Cigar Wall Sconce from Design Within Reach. My neighbor has them, and I have seen them on Emily Henderson. I am totally smitten with them, but I can't quite afford the price tag. So I thought I would make something similar.

master bedroom ideas

If you are looking for more master bedroom ideas, check out my Master Bedroom Reveal. And if you are looking for another DIY light, check out my IKEA Bowl DIY Light. Thank you so much for being here and following my blog. It means the world to me!

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