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Use an IKEA Bowl for this DIY Light

Use an IKEA Bowl for this DIY Light

DIY light

I love a good DIY light, don't you? This pendant light is made from an IKEA serving bowl. It's an IKEA hack at its best because it will only take you about five minutes to make. I show the light over a side table, but how good would these pendants look three in a row above a kitchen island? Oh man! BTW, I'm obsessed with this marble side table. It's actually on sale at World Market right now for $99. Run and go get you some!

light DIY

Have you guys been watching the Olympics? OMG it gets me so emotional. I cry every time I watch a competition, whether I understand the sport or not. This light DIY inspires me almost as much as the Olympics. It has me dreaming about all of the new ways I could DIY a pendant light.



Using the drill and hole saw drill bit, drill a hole into the center of the serving bowl. Place the washer over the back of the bowl. Thread the light bulb through the washer and bowl. Screw the light ring onto the other side, and screw in the light bulb. Hang the pendant light according to the instructions.

I hope you like this video. Follow me on YouTube to catch all of my videos. As requested by you guys, I'm trying to make more. I actually really love the process.


Let me know if there are any tutorials you guys would like to see in a video? Thanks for being here. I mean it. It's hard to keep going sometimes as a new full-time mom, but you guys reading my posts makes it all worth while. 

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