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Churro Quesadillas with Sweet Cream Cheese Filling

Churro Quesadillas with Sweet Cream Cheese Filling

churro quesadillas

Hellllllllo Churro Quesadillas. I'm not sure if you had me at "churro" or "quesadilla" ... ya know what I mean? You guys, I think I am addicted to food mashups. It all started with these Pizza Pops, and I have been enamored ever since. There is just something so fun about combining two of your favorite foods. And these churro quesadillas are no exception. Your kiddos will get a kick out of making this dessert mashup too. They could make lil mini quesadillas ... so cute! This is my latest creation for KitchenAid, so hop on over to the Kitchenthusiast for the Churro Quesadillas recipe + instructions.

dessert mashup

The other great thing about these Churro Quesadillas is they are baked churros and not fried like the traditional method. Not that they are healthy but they aren't fried-in-oil unhealthy ... ya know what I mean? Yay for this dessert mashup.

food mashup

You can top your Churro Quesadillas with any kind of fruit. Just add a little lemon juice and sugar to your berries, and you've got yourself a little syrup. I like this homemade syrup of sorts better than the syrup you can buy. It's less thick and overpowering and doesn't taste "fake." That's definitely a professional baking term. And holy moly ... if you added a little whipped cream, that would take this food mashup OVER. THE. TOP. in a really good way. 

baked churros

Should we talk about the sweet cream cheese filling for a sec? It is basically the cream cheese frosting you would put on a red velvet cake ... oh man it is delicious inside these little triangles of heaven. It's like churro meets quesadilla meets red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting minus the cake part ... HOLY MOLY! It's delicious. If you are weird, and don't like things that sweet (jk!) ... you can make this filling with less powdered sugar. You can also substitute sugar for the powdered sugar. You may not need as much sugar if you are going this route. A more cream cheese flavored filling is actually equally delicious in this recipe. I was taste testing when I was creating this, and it was a really hard decision on which version of these Churro Quesadillas to go with.

When serving, I suggest stacking the quesadilla triangles. And I suggest stacking them as high as you want to go. It adds to the drama of this super sassy dessert. To help you visualize how this king of dessert mashups (hehe) is made, I created a lil video for ya. I hope you like it. And as I mentioned, this is my latest post for my loves at KitchenAid. So hop on over to the Kitchenthusiast for the Churro Quesadillas recipe + instructions. In case you are interested, here are all of my posts for KitchenAid.

dessert mashups

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