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DIY Baby Graphic Tee

DIY Baby Graphic Tee

DIY baby shirt

I've only had this DIY baby shirt post in the queue since March. Oh man, I gotta get it together. There is not enough time in the day ... especially with a one year old. I love the concept of graphic tees on kiddos, but I don't often love the sayings. So I thought I would make my own. I loved a Zara star tee that I saw, and "star" was Flynn's first word. So I thought it would be perfect to make Flynn man a star tee. I like this DIY baby shirt because it works for a boy or a girl. This will take you about five minutes to make. It makes a cute DIY baby gift too.

DIY baby clothes

The shirt on the left is the Zara tee I was telling you about. I can't find it anymore online, so it makes this DIY baby shirt (on the right) an even better option! BTW, how cute is Flynn-man's friend Hayes? He is the son of one of my besties from college. She, her husband, and their three kiddos came into town to visit at the end of March, and it was one of the best few days ever! I miss them so much. Flynn-man and Hayes are only 12 days apart ... how cool is that?



DIY baby stuff

To make this DIY baby shirt, start by downloading the star template I created for you. Cut out the star, and trace the star onto the iron-on vinyl. I really like the iron-on vinyl as opposed to regular iron-on transfer paper. It holds up much better, and the quality of the color is much better. Cut out the star, and place it onto the tee where you would like it. Make sure the plastic side is facing up.

DIY baby

Place a towel over the star, and iron over the towel. Rather than sliding the iron, using medium pressure move the iron up and down on top of the towel. Hold the iron down for about 60 seconds each time. Make sure to cover each section of the star, especially the edges.

baby clothes DIY

Take the towel off. Make sure that each part of the star appears to be adhered to the shirt. If not, repeat the last step as needed. Peel the plastic covering back.

baby shirt DIY

Voila! You are done with your DIY baby shirt!

sewing baby clothes for beginners

Our two lil jailbirds.

sewing ideas for baby

Flynn-man looking pensive ... his beanie is from Noxx by the way. They are by far the best beanies I have found. The material is so comfy and stretchy. They are great for staying on moving heads and for expanding with growing noggins.

baby boy clothes DIY

How cute is Hayes?! I had so much fun with this easy project, I'm already dreaming up of more baby boy clothes DIY ideas.

DIY baby boy clothes

I'd love to hear if you have any more DIY baby boy clothes ideas you would like done. Let me know in the comments, and it might just be my next DIY project. Hope you enjoyed this DIY baby shirt.

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