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Anthro Inspired Leather Embellished Shirt (Leather Couch Chronicles #14)

Anthro Inspired Leather Embellished Shirt (Leather Couch Chronicles #14)

DIY leather collar shirt

A couple of months ago, I saw a leather embellished shirt at Anthropologie, and I thought to myself, I could totally DIY that! Considering how expensive leather apparel can be, I thought this was an inexpensive alternative. This DIY leather shirt can be no sew or you can sew it. See the "befores" below.

Anthropologie inspired DIY

I love me an Anthropologie DIY. Oh yeah ... this is also Leather Couch Chronicles #14 baby! And I still have so much leather left. Holy moly ... the possibilities are endless. This Anthropologie inspired DIY will only set you back about $25 or if you have an old blouse + some scrap leather lying around it won't cost you a thing! Here's how I did it.


blouse (preferably with no buttons under the collar)
leather scraps
hot glue gun or sewing machine + thread

how to make a leather embellished shirt

Measure + cut your leather scrap to size. You will want the leather to span from right underneath the collar down to the first button. Glue or sew your leather on.

white blouse with jeans DIY Anthropologie
DIY leather collar shirt

It adds a lil' something extra to your plain basic shirt. I realize this is a sleeveless shirt, and it's cold outside. You can plan ahead to wear this for spring or do this with a long sleeve shirt like below.

shirt DIY
shirt DIY ideas

I like to dance when I think of a good DIY idea.

DIY shirt ideas

What other DIY shirt ideas do you have? Leave a link in the comments. I would love to check them out!

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