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DIY This Tripod Lamp ... IKEA Hack Style!

DIY This Tripod Lamp ... IKEA Hack Style!

DIY tripod lamp

Let's just get right to it ... this DIY Tripod Lamp is my new fave DIY in the house! I know ... I know ... I always say that, but I just can't help it.  I'm totally smitten right now ... like crazy in love Beyoncé style smitten.  I haven't totally committed, but I think it's going to live in the corner of our master bedroom. I can't decide if I need a chair next to it, or if it looks okay on its own. You guys will have to help me decide. P.S. This DIY end table totally matches and would look great in the same room as this lamp.

DIY floor lamp


28" Nymö Lamp Shade
14" wood circle
3 square wood posts (3/4" x 6') - I got mine at Home Depot
screwdriver drill bit
1 1/2" inside diameter washer (1.563" ID - Inside Diameter, 3.250" OD - Outside Diameter, 0.125" Nominal Thickness)
2 1/2" circle drill bit saw
1 3/8" hole saw drill bit
leather strapping (I used leftovers from my DIY gladiator sandals, but I purchased the strapping at Tandy Leather)
light cord set with switch (I used the IKEA Hemma light cord set)
printable template
small hooks
Command wire hooks


how to make a tripod lamp

Here is a peek underneath the shade, so you can get an overall idea of how I did the lamp. First, measure and mark the center of the wood circle. Using the 2 1/2" circle saw drill bit and drill, cut out a circle in the center of the wood circle. Next, using the printable template and 1 3/8" circle saw drill bit cut three circles around the outside of the center circle. 

make a tripod lamp

Next, line up the center hole of the wood circle with the center hole of the lampshade. Thread the light bulb set through the holes.

tripod lamp DIY

Place the washer on top, and screw the light bulb set together. Now the light bulb cord set, washer, wood circle, and lampshade will all be connected. Set aside.

homemade tripod lamp

Measure 18" from the top of each post and mark this spot. Screw two posts together at this mark. Lay the third post onto the other two posts.

IKEA hack tripod lamp

Using the leather strapping secure the third post to the other two so it becomes a tripod base. We will wrap more strapping around the base soon to make it sturdy. This step is just to secure the three posts together until we can level the lampshade.

IKEA hack lamp

Measure 6" from the top of each post and mark it. Screw in a hook at each mark. Thread the posts through the circles of the lampshade set, and rest the lampshade set on top of the hooks. Level the shade by adjusting the third post. 

make tripod lamp

Once it is level, use the rest of the leather strapping to secure the third post to the others. Wrap the strapping through the crevices of where the posts meet, around the posts, and from top to bottom until the base is sturdy. Tie the ends of the strapping together. To hide the wire, adhere the Command wire clips down the back post, and thread the wire through the clips. And you are done!

DIY floor lamp ideas

It took a bit of brain work to get this just right, but it was totally worth it! I am so happy with the way it turned out ... sturdy and chic!

DIY tripod floor lamp

Would you guys make this yourselves or am I totally out of my mind?! Here are my other IKEA hacks in case you are interested.

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