Savor the Last Few Chilly Days with Salted Caramel White Hot Chocolate

 recipe for white hot chocolate

It is already getting too hot here in AZ for this recipe for white hot chocolate, so please puhlease make some so I can live vicariously through you. Call me crazy, but I miss the seasons. And I miss this Salted Caramel White Hot Chocolate. The whole crockpot full lasted all of two days in our house. And Flynn-man isn't even old enough to drink it. Imagine when he is on the cow's milk train. This stuff won't last an hour. It is THAT good. This white hot cocoa pairs perfectly with a movie night in. So over on The Kitchenthusiast I've got some movie night tips along with my recipe for Salted Caramel White Hot Chocolate.

 crockpot white hot chocolate

You guys this multi-cooker from KitchenAid is so bomb. It has all of these cool settings that I can't wait to try out. The beauty of putting your white hot chocolate in the crockpot is you can just set it and forget it. Leave it on the console table and let your guests (or just you and your honey) drink up.

 putting pillows on the couch for movie night white hot chocolate recipe

If you are doing a movie night with your slow cooker white hot chocolate, I suggest adorning your couch with some extra pillows (maybe a DIY arrow pillow + a DIY feather pillow) and a comfy blanket.

 movie night goodies and crockpot white hot chocolate

Popcorn is a must for a movie night, and it tastes good with crockpot white hot chocolate. Don't forget your DIY coasters.

 hot chocolate white

For this white hot chocolate I used leftover caramel sauce from this Gingerbread Pancake Decorating Brunch.

 white hot chocolate recipe

If you know me, you know I love hot chocolate, and I have one almost every morning. This white hot chocolate recipe might make me work a white hot chocolate into the rotation. That's kinda big for me.

 hot white chocolate recipe

Hop on over to the Kitchenthusiast for this Salted Caramel White Hot Chocolate recipe. And in case you are interested, here are all of my projects for KitchenAid.

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