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DIY Marble Tray IKEA Hack

DIY Marble Tray IKEA Hack

DIY marble tray

The only tool needed for this DIY Marble Tray is scissors ... amen sister! Sometimes the easiest DIYs are the best DIYs ... don't you think? I am smitten with the wood and marble combos as of late, and this DIY tray doesn't disappoint. 

how to make a tray

I love the little thumb hole for easy handling, and it looks so chic next to those Oh Joy for Target cups I picked up for my sister's bridal shower (that I never blogged about ... I can't get it together most of the time). This little number is an IKEA hack ... can I get another amen! You can't go wrong with an IKEA hack.


marble contact paper
tray (I got this circular one in the as-is section at IKEA ... this IKEA wood tray would work too)


homemade tray

Trace the inside of the tray onto the back of your contact paper. 

marble contact paper DIY

Cut out along your trace lines. Peel the backside off the contact paper, and stick to your tray. Use your hands or a ruler to smooth out the bubbles in the contact paper. Ta-da!

DIY tray

This DIY tray will impress your guests at your next cocktail party. They will think you spent a pretty penny on it when in actuality it only set you back a couple of Starbucks(es). I like to think of everything I spend in terms of Starbucks ... yes it's that important to me. I know ... I need a life.

make a tray

It doesn't happen often to me, but you know when you make one of those great purchases that you pat yourself on the back for for years to come. These Oh Joy for Target cups were one of those purchases. Usually, it's the other way around for me. I wait on something, and then they are gone ... BAM ... just like that. Those are sad days. It happens at Target a lot. They are so good at getting awesome stuff in and only stocking so many of them ... to keep you coming back for more. So my advice to you my friends is if you see something at Target you like ... get it ... just do it! Don't look back! There's my #motivationmonday speech ... too bad it's Tuesday. Oh this DIY Marble Side Table is another popular marble DIY on my site. And this IKEA hack DIY side table is another marble contact paper DIY for ya.

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