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IKEA Hack Cowhide Ottoman

IKEA Hack Cowhide Ottoman

IKEA hack ottoman

Hello bold + beautiful IKEA hack ottoman. This cowhide cutie was just the thing I needed to complete the sitting area in our great room. Plus we had an old cowhide we didn't know what to do with. That of course got my DIY wheels turning. I'm really happy with how this IKEA hack ottoman turned out, so I wanted to share the full tutorial with you. This lil piece is super versatile. You can use it as an ottoman, coffee table, or bench.

IKEA hack cowhide ottoman


old bench or coffee table
piece of plywood (if you have a slatted bench)
upholstery foam
liquid nails
staple gun
IKEA Koldby Cowhide

IKEA hack coffee table


For this IKEA hack ottoman, if you are starting with a bench or coffee table that is not a solid surface such as the slatted bench I used, first get a piece of plywood cut to size. Most hardware stores will cut their plywood for you. You will want to get it cut to the length and width of the top surface of the bench or coffee table you are using.

Next glue the plywood to the bench or coffee table using the liquid nails. Let dry for a couple of hours.

While the wood is drying, cut the foam to the size of the wood/coffee table/bench surface. Glue the foam to the wood/bench/coffee table using the liquid nails. You can do one or two layers of foam depending how plush/thick you want the ottoman. I did two layers. Let the foam dry for a couple of hours.

Lay the cowhide flat on the ground with the top of the hide facing down. Lay the ottoman upside down on top of the cowhide. Wrap the cowhide tightly around the ottoman. While you are wrapping and pulling tight, staple the cowhide to the bottom of the ottoman. Cut the excess cowhide. Flip the IKEA hack coffee table right side up, and style! You are done yo!

how to style a coffee table

As far as how to style a coffee table, I like to start with a tray and/or stack of books to ground the decor. Then I add a plant or some fresh flowers. An organic touch brings in texture. I then accessorize with some random objects. Something with interesting lines is always cool.

As you guys know, I've been loving videos as of late. So I couldn't do this tutorial without showing you a lil DIY video for this IKEA hack ottoman. I hope it helps! I'd love it if you followed me on YouTube for some more fun content. Click the button below.

DIY ottoman

The cowhide is fairly expensive, but the good news is you will have quite a bit of leftover hide for many other projects. For example, see my Leather Couch Chronicles series. However, as a cheaper alternative, you could get a faux cowhide. I hope you enjoyed this DIY ottoman. If you are interested here are all of my IKEA hacks.

You will have to let me know if you make this IKEA hack ottoman! If you do, please use #kristimurphy on social media, and I'll find it and probably share it! Thank you so much for being here!!


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