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Carrot Lemonade Favors With KitchenAid

Carrot Lemonade Favors With KitchenAid

carrot lemonade

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. This means party season has officially begun. So, today I'm sharing a fun and might I add healthy party favor idea. Meet my carrot lemonade. When put in cute little jars, these are just the thing for your spring and summer soirées. You can serve them at the party or send them home with guests as favors. This is my latest project for KitchenAid! In case you're interested, my last project featured another fun spring or summer party idea, strawberry lemon vanilla floats.

chopping carrots

This lil' story begins by chopping the heads and tails off some carrots and peeling some lemons. For the full tutorial and free printable labels hop on over to the Kitchenthusiast.

using a funnel

Once you've made your carrot lemonade, using a funnel is the spill-proof way to fill the jars.

healthy kids party ideas

This definitely makes the list of healthy kids party ideas.

carrot lemonade party favors

How snazzy do these carrot lemonade party favors look all lined up?

healthy party ideas

Healthy party ideas are few and far between, so I was super excited to share this idea.

healthy party favors

For these healthy party favors, I designed both colorful and gray labels for you to download.

summer party favor

I think this is going to be my go-to summer party favor. 

summer party favor ideas

Cold summer party favor ideas like this are a must here in AZ.

cute party favor ideas

Once TBD is born I think we will be having a lot more guests. I don't think I can serve these carrot lemonade favors every time. What other cute party favor ideas do you have? In case you're interested, here are the rest of my projects for KitchenAid. P.S. Click the link below for the full tutorial and to download the labels I designed for you for free!


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