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Nursery Update at the New House

Nursery Update at the New House

chic nursery

My goal at the new house is to create a chic nursery that is both functional and safe. I never quite finished the nursery at the old house, but I've got big plans to finally finish the nursery at the new house. I guess it's about time sine Flynn man is one. Today I'm partnering with Munchkin to show you the updates I've done to the nursery at the new house.

chic nursery ideas

We waited to find out the sex until Flynn man was born, so the nursery was gender neutral of course. If we decide and are able to have another one, we will probably wait to find out the gender again. So in order to reuse the chic nursery if necessary, I'm keeping the decor gender neutral.

blog nursery

One of these days I'll show the full blog nursery reveal. For now, lil man and I are still enjoying the nursery as you can tell.

Munchkin STEP diaper pail

I just got the Munchkin STEP diaper pail, and I am in love. My old diaper pail kept the stink out pretty good when it was shut, but man when I opened that thing to put a diaper in, I about died. What I like about this diaper pail is it's equipped with an Arm & Hammer scented baking soda puck on the lid, so you don't smell anything except lavendar when you open it up. Also, when you close the lid, the self-sealing system twists the bag shut. It's pretty cool to watch. What is even cooler is for every diaper pail sold, Munchkin will plant a tree. You can learn more about this at The Seedling Project.

nursery gallery wall

You might recognize this nursery gallery wall from the nursery at the old house. Our ceilings in the new house are quite a bit taller, so I'm not quite sure if this fills up the space enough. But it works for now. What do you think?

hipster baby

Here is our lil hipster baby ... lol. We just can't get enough of him. He makes our world go round.

changing table decorating ideas

Here are a couple changing table decorating ideas:

  1. Avoid Shelves - I used to have shelves above the changing table. Although, they look adorable, I had to avoid hitting my head on the shelves as I leaned in to change Flynn man.
  2. Get A Good Diaper Pail - I seriously can't praise the Munchkin STEP diaper pail enough. It's the only diaper pail I've found that keeps the stink out even when you open up the pail. Plus it looks good in your nursery.
  3. Make Sure This Area Can Store A Lot of Diapers - Since you will be doing A LOT of changing, you don't want to have to repeatedly restock your diaper supply throughout the day or week. I suggest keeping a lot of diapers in one of the drawers or grabbing one of those changing table runners.
  4. Keep A Side Table for Extra Necessities - Keeping a side table around for extra necessities or as a landing space for anything you need to toss aside while you are changing your lil babe is a good idea.
IKEA rocking horse

This rocking horse needs a bit of a paint job to blend in with the nursery, but I love its Scandinavian design.

Munchkin diaper pail

Our lil helper.

nursery pouf

A nursery pouf is essential for putting your feet up while rocking or nursing your lil one.

chic diaper pail

You need a chic diaper pail for a chic nursery. I like the clean lines of this diaper pail. It blends in well with any modern nursery.

knit overalls baby

Every baby has to have a pair of knit overalls don't you think?

chic nursery pillows

Pillows are great for decorating a chic nursery, but you obviously don't want to keep them in the crib when baby is sleeping.

nursery rocking chair corner

I love my moments in this nursery rocking chair corner with my lil man. 

changing table decor

Here is another look at the start of our changing table decor. I love the light that comes through the windows in the morning.

chic nursery decor

I hope this gave you some ideas for chic nursery decor. I would love your help as I finish the nursery. Thinking blue, gray, or beige herringbone wallpaper on that back wall. Which do you think would look best? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Thank you to Munchkin for sponsoring this post and for generally being amazing.

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