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Tips for Choosing Nursery Art

Tips for Choosing Nursery Art

tips for choosing nursery art
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If you are currently decorating a nursery, you might soon realize choosing nursery art isn't as easy as you'd think. There are so many choices, it can quickly lead to overwhelm. Between moves and changing things around, I've decorated four nurseries so far (never to completion ... whoops). But along the way, I've learned a few things about nursery decor. So I thought I would share my tips for choosing nursery art and some fun nursery art ideas. And I am bound and determined to finish the nurseries for Eve and Flynn now that we are settled in the new house. Please follow along on Instagram as I slowly but surely put the nurseries together.

nursery art

Tips for Choosing Nursery Art

You might have seen from Instagram stories that I was deciding between two different looks for Eve girl's nursery. Thank you all for voting on which direction I should go: what I like to call California Cool or Calm + Neutral. It was close, but about 60% of you picked California Cool. After a lil trial and error, I am actually doing somewhat of a combination of the two.  

choosing nursery art

1. Don't be afraid to go bold.

I absolutely fell in love with this Mother Embrace print by Kate Ahn on Minted. I think it is just beautiful. It almost made me cry when I saw it. I debated whether or not to do a big print, but I don't think this piece would make such an emotional impact if it were small and let's say included in a gallery wall. I chose a 30" x 40" print with a natural raw wood frame. So my advice when decorating a nursery is to not be afraid to go bold with your artwork.

nursery art ideas

2. Don't go too babyish.

My second tip is to not go too "babyish" with your nursery art. Keep in mind your baby will be a child before you know it, and you don't want to have to buy all new art when your babe is ready for a big girl room. That is what I love about this The Flower Girl print by Lori Wemple. It is appropriate for a nursery and little girl's bedroom. This is an 8" x 10" in a light gray wood frame, and I have it sitting on the stool next to the rocking chair.

nursery decor

3. Don't go too theme-y.

When choosing nursery art, instead of thinking along the lines of a particular theme, my suggestion is to pick art that coordinates well together. They don't have to be in the same family or by the same artist, but all of the prints should look cohesive if you were to place them all on the floor together. The problem with choosing art in one particular theme is that it can get old quickly. For example, rather than going with all animal prints, I chose one animal print, the Baby Animal Llama print in Minted's art section, along with other coordinating prints. This sits in Eve girl's closet. Here is another quick tip: don't forget the closet. Closet shelves are great for displaying prints.

decorating a nursery

4. Think outside the nursery box.

My next tip is to think outside the nursery box. Once you start growing your family, there might be many changes within your house as the years go on and siblings are born. Room swaps might happen. So my suggestion is to not just choose nursery art but rather choose art that is interesting in some way and might fit in with your tastes as a family. This ensures your prints will hold up to years of changes. You may also make sure your nursery art fits the color palette of the rest of your home. If your nursery is loud and colorful unlike any room in your house, the art you picked might be useless as time goes on. I feel like the classic, understated, and whimsical nature of this print, The Girl and the Giant Balloon, will stand the test of time and might look cool in another part of the house if need be. Right now this 5" x 7" print sits on the bottom of Eve girl's bookshelves.

nursery art prints

There you have it ... my tips for choosing nursery art. I can't wait to show you the rest of Eve girl's nursery as I finish it. I hope you got some nursery art ideas from this post. Again if you're interested in following along as I decorate the nursery, follow me on Instagram. Here are a couple of other posts you might be interested in: nursery update at the new house, Eve's newborn pics, Eve's birth story, our newborn sleep routine, and Eve's birth announcements.

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