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Easter Picnic

Easter Picnic

Easter picnic
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Here in Arizona our nice days are numbered. So the other day we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have an early Easter picnic in our neighborhood. It was one of those days where the temperature was just right, a delicate breeze was blowing, and the kids had taken great naps ... haha. It made for a wonderful afternoon. Here are a couple of snaps from our time outdoors. And there is a video at the end of the post too!

toddler girl Easter outfit

Here is a peek at the outfit I put Eve in for our Easter picnic. I fell in love with this H&M Cotton Bib Overall Dress for Eve girl. And this cotton top with ruffle sleeves actually comes as a two-pack: one white and one pink. If you are looking for spring outfits for baby girls, these ruffle cotton tops are perfect. I envision her wearing them with cutoff shorts, overalls, joggers, and bib overall dresses like the one above. She also wore these adorable flower shaped strawberry sunglasses from H&M. I can't even. These things are so cute. If only they had a matching pair for me.

toddler girl Easter shoes

I paired her bib overall dress with knee socks. See the pics below. They are so freakin cute. They come in a set of three. One pair has a whisker face on it. Another pair is pink with cream polka dots and a bow at the top. And the third pair is cream with perforations.

Easter picnic boys outfit

If you are looking for boy Easter outfits, the outfit above is what Flynn wore for our spring picnic. I love love love these pull-on linen blend pants. You can dress these up or down so well. For something more casual like an Easter picnic you can pair them with a slub cotton jersey t-shirt like you see here. For dressier Easter festivities these pants would look great with a button down or polo shirt. These pants are seriously such a great find.

Easter picnic boys H&M birkenstocks

Flynn loves him some Birkenstocks. He had a pair when he was a baby and wore them all of the time. These strappy sandals from H&M are 100% leather and are only $35. I love that the straps are adjustable for chubby lil feet, and they have tiny loops on the back if you want to hang them ... super cool. And how stinkin hip are these mirrored aviators?

Easter picnic toddler boy walking with Easter basket

Flynn man carrying our baskets to get set up.

Easter picnic mom and baby

You guys this jersey jumpsuit is everything. The floral print is perfect for spring, but you will be happy to know this jumpsuit also comes in black. It is so comfortable, and it has pockets. Can you ask for anything more? I have been really into jumpsuits lately because they are so easy, especially when you have a toddler and baby to keep up with. It takes no time at all to pick out your outfit, and you don't have to worry about constantly pulling your shirt down when you lift your baby up onto your hip. I suggest sizing down if you are in between sizes because the jumpsuit runs a tad big. I also wore these copper aviators to our lil spring picnic. They look super expensive, but they are only $7.99. Once I entered momlife, I stopped spending a lot of money on sunglasses. And I haven't looked back since. These sunglasses feel like the same quality as an expensive pair, and I don't have to have a panic attack if my kiddos drop them or rip them off my face.

spring picnic

Man I love this guy so much!

Easter outfit ideas for little girls

And this girlie!

Easter picnic ideas

I found these wooden eggs on Amazon. A lot of the wooden eggs I saw were flat on the bottom, but these weren't. That's why I loved them. These would be fun to decorate for Easter and are much less fragile than real eggs.

spring outfit ideas for baby girl

Eve looks like such a sassypants right here.

boy spring outfit

As you can tell, I'm having trouble keeping up with this guy these days. Not sure how we even got some of these shots.

girl spring outfit

Do you guys have a gathre mat? They are a must have, especially for picnics. They are made out of bonded leather, so they look chic. But you can wipe them down with ease. This is the square maxi version, and the size is great. You can fit the whole family on it with room to spare.

Easter picnic mom and son

Can these lil chats in the grass with Flynn never end please?

spring outfit toddler girl

These strawberry sunnies will complete any spring outfit for a toddler girl or baby girl. And believe it or not, Eve loves wearing them. She doesn't rip them off right away like a lot of her bows.

Easter picnic mom kissing son

Stealing kisses from my buddy ...

Easter picnic boy sitting on sidewalk

We just got this guy a haircut. He was in desperate need as you can tell from this pic. I get so sad when we cut his hair because he always looks so much older. 

Easter outfit girl

These are the knee socks I mentioned. How cute are they? They totally make this Easter outfit. They are not only adorable with dresses, but they would be cute with shorts too.

picnic outfit boy

I can't keep the kids away from these washes. 

spring picnic mother and daughter

My girl and I enjoying our Easter picnic ...

spring outfit baby girl

I just saw on H&M that there is a women's pink bib overall dress. I might have to get it so I can match Eve girl in this outfit.

spring picnic ideas

The aftermath of our Easter picnic.

Easter dress for baby girl

Eve girl is striking her best pose here.

Easter picnic boy looking at sunset

Flynn man looking at the sunset ... 


Mama and Eve girl heading back home from our Easter picnic ...

I also made a lil video of our adventure. Please watch it above. I would love it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Please click the button below!

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