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Spring Bake

Spring Bake

spring bake
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Spring Bake

What do you do when your kiddos are too young for school and don't have a spring break ... spring bake! The other day, Flynn man, Eve, and I had a lil spring bake session. It was so much fun. We made sugar cookies in spring shapes: bunnies, duckies, flowers, carrots, eggs, etc. Here are some snaps from our fun day.

toddler boy cooking H&M gray cap and tank

Spring Outfits for Kids

You might have seen from my Instastory that I just got a bunch of new clothes from H&M for the kiddos. They were in dire need of new threads. So I linked some of the stuff they are wearing below in case you are curious. I found some great staples for them for spring and summer. Here is Flynn man practicing great restraint in the face of freshly baked cookies. In other news, the cotton cap he is wearing is super comfy and versatile. My sister actually got the same cap for her daughter. And my husband loves these boy H&M tanks I got for Flynn man. They come in a pack of two, and they are really great for hot weather. Flynn gets easily flushed in the heat, so we try to keep him as cool as we can in the summer. The Arizona summers are no joke. If you are looking for more spring outfit ideas for kids, our spring picnic is full of outfits for boys and girls.

spring bake baking ideas for kids

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Cooking with this guy is my absolute favorite thing to do. Flynn loves it, and he eats vegetables he normally wouldn't touch. I love getting him involved in the process of cooking and baking. P.S. This H&M slub jersey t-shirt I'm wearing is the perfect tee. It's super soft, and it's that material that has a slight crosshatch see through thing happening to make it look extra casual. You can wear it with PJs or jeans, and it's long enough to tie in a knot like the kids are doing these days ... hehe.

spring bake baby or toddler girl hat with ears

Caught sneakin cookies! And this hat. THIS HAT. Does it get any cuter than a baby girl in long rabbit ears? This is the H&M jersey hat with ears, and it's super soft and comfortable. It's so lightweight your little will hardly know she is wearing it, and you might know how important that is for lil ones. Eve girl used to be great at wearing things on her head, but if she notices she's wearing a hat or bow now, she will rip it off. The one exception is sunglasses. Eve has been into sunglasses lately, so I have been having a lot of fun with that.

spring bake baking with kids

For this spring bake session, I didn't worry about the mess at all. We were making it rain with flour. It was so fun to just let the kids make as much of a mess as they wanted to for once. I think they had a ball.

spring bake cooking with kids

Here is Flynn man making it rain with flour.

boy eating cookie

Here is Flynn enjoying the cookies of his labor.

mom and son food fight

A mom and son food fight is always a good idea at a lil spring bake.

toddler girl cooking

Eve girl got in on the baking action too. 

toddler boy spring outfit

Here are the sources of Flynn's whole outfit head to toe. He is wearing an H&M gray cotton cap, the gray tank in this H&M 2-pack of tank tops, and these H&M jogging style pants. I actually kind of like this outfit for myself.

baking cookies with kids

Eve and I were stealing kisses while Flynn man was cutting out cookies. I love love love these spring cookie cutters. I got our set at Fry's, but this spring cookie cutter set is almost exactly the same.

girl spring outfit ideas hat with ears

Here is a good shot of the long ears on this jersey hat.

boy spring outfit joggers

I also love love love these joggers for Flynn. I have been looking for a pair for him for a while now. I didn't want any wild prints, and I like these because they aren't too puffy up top. They fit him very well, and they are super comfy. They are great for hanging around the house baking or for taking walks outside. These H&M jogging style pants come in a bunch of different colors too. I'm thinking about getting him a few more pairs.

boy and girl baking

Here is Flynn man shoving a cookie cutter in Eve's face and Eve loving it ... per usual haha. Here is a tip for your spring bake: you may want to set aside half the dough so it doesn't get ruined and then let the kiddos have at it with the other half. Then you are left with cookies, and you can let the kiddos have as much fun with the dough as they want. You can even prep the cookie dough during a nap session while they aren't around.

baby girl outfit joggers with ruffles

These joggers with ruffles are so stinkin cute! They also come in a hot pink. I think I might have to get that color for Eve too. One note if you get these: they run really big, especially in the waist. Eve usually wears 18-24 months, but I got these in 9-12 months.

boy spring outfit gray cap

Here is a shot of the number detail on this cotton cap.

toddler girl spring outfit

That belly playing peek-a-boo! If only Mike thought it was cute when my belly did that ... haha! And in case you are interested, here are the sources for Eve girl's outfit head to toe: H&M jersey hat with ears, H&M 2-pack t-shirts, and H&M joggers with ruffles.

kids baking

Flynn was treating his kids baking sesh like it was a sport.

toddler girl ruffle top

These t-shirts with ruffle detail on the shoulders are everything. They are so great for spring and summer. They come in a pack of two: pink and white. I picture Eve wearing these with joggers like you see here, bib overall dresses, and cutoff jean shorts. I wish H&M made these in my size to be honest.

cookie baking with kids

Here we are admiring our work and doing cheers with our cookies. Flynn loves to do cheers. 

girl hat with ears

Other Baking Ideas for Kids

I seriously can't get enough of this pink jersey hat with ears. I want to put Eve in it everyday. Here is another baking with kids session I did with KitchenAid on the blog. It includes a really great recipe for Breakfast Sundae Bites that you can make with the kiddos. If you are looking for other baking with kids recipes, these chocolate avocado brownies are just the thing. The kids will never taste the avocadoes.

I also made a video of our spring bake. Please watch it above. I would also love it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Please click the button. 

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