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Nursery Progress ... Wall Art ... Download My Free Prints

Nursery Progress ... Wall Art ... Download My Free Prints

nursery gallery wall

The nursery is coming along! Now that we have our shelves stocked, it was time to move onto the wall above the crib. My plan was to create a nursery gallery wall with a mix of artwork and photos. Enter Framebridge. I used their site to print and frame my pieces.  I am not kidding. I seriously loved using them. It was just so easy. I didn't have to mess with printing or sizing anything. And I didn't have to search all over town to find the right frames. To put the gallery wall together the easy way, I followed the same process I did in this how to do a gallery wall post. The full tutorial is also below.  Please note that I don't recommend stuffed animals and blankets in the crib with an infant. This was done merely for styling purposes. They were too cute to leave out!


"Reach for the Stars" print
elephant print
photo of choice
Irvine Frame (size medium, 12" x 20", no mat)
Sonoma Frame (size medium, 16" x 16", no mat)
Marin Frame (size small, 8" x 12", white mat)
mounting hardware (comes free with your order)
roll of paper (I had white on hand, but kraft paper would show up better against a white wall)


Order your artwork on Framebridge using the print + frame option. It will come in the mail packaged like this.

how to do a gallery wall

Mark the top center of the mounting wire onto your paper for each of your frames.

Framebridge hardware

Use the hardware that comes free with your frames.

DIY gallery wall

Hang up your frame to make sure it's in the right spot. Tear off your paper.

how to create a gallery wall

Trace the perimeter of each of your frames onto your roll of paper. Cut out to the size of each of your frames.

how to make a gallery wall

Place the paper on the wall where you want the frames.

gallery wall how to

Mount the hardware right through the paper where you made your mark.

how to gallery wall

Adjust your frames so that they are straight and level.

free printable nursery art

Hope you enjoy the free printable nursery art I designed! The ultrasound photo BTW is by Red Poppy Photo. Isn't she amazing?!

free nursery prints

Just click the links in "supplies" above to download the free nursery prints. I'm trying to think of some other free nursery printables I can do for you guys? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

nursery art ideas

This DIY gallery wall was one of my favorite things to do so far for the nursery because there are so many fun nursery art ideas out there.

DIY nursery decor

I literally walk into the nursery about three times a day. I just stare thinking about how excited I am to meet TBD. I love this picture so much because it makes me think of these moments and the anticipation I feel! I plan on doing some other DIY nursery decor, so stay tuned for those tutorials. I can't wait to show you. 

DIY nursery ideas

If you are preggers and taking a babymoon, you might be interested in my post about what to wear on your babymoon. And if you're interested, here are some DIY marble and wood blocks I made for the nursery.

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