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What To Wear On Your Babymoon

What To Wear On Your Babymoon

dress my bump

For me the task to dress my bump for our babymoon wasn't quite as easy as choosing outfits for our honeymoon. I don't exactly feel my prettiest being pregnant, so to find clothes that I felt "cute" in was a challenge. However, after a long search, I found a few pieces that were comfortable and flattering. I wanted to pass on these babymoon outfit ideas to you, so you don't have to go through the "big search" I did.

For our babymoon/1st anniversary M and I went on a staycation. M endearingly called it our anniversary staycation kid coming life over blow out. We had booked to go to San Francisco, but M had a work trip come up. We were also thinking walking around the city might result in swollen feet for at least one of us ... you can probably guess who. During our staycation, we didn't have to trek around the city, but we did do some strolling around the hotel. A comfortable outfit and shoes were ideal for this. While maxi dresses can sometimes hang and make preggos like me just look huge, I like this dress because it is somewhat form fitting. And the cutouts give the illusion of a waistline. 

Daytime Strolling

dress the bump

When you dress the bump, might as well show off your back since you sure won't be showing off your front side ... right? Isn't the back of this dress pretty? The Honeybee totally inspired me to get this dress. And she was so right. I feel great in it, and I love that this can be worn after pregnancy.

Poolside or Beachside

dress your bump

It is a little easier to dress the bump for the beach or pool. I am all about the crochet trend especially in a cover up.  This number was nice and cool in the warm sun. And I love my Victoria's Secret separates bathing suit pregnant or not.

Night Out

how to dress baby bump

Vests are great for pregnancy. You can throw one on over a long tank, and you are good to go. It's a great piece to add to your non-maternity pregnancy clothes repetoire.

non-maternity pregnancy clothes

I am obsessed with the cutouts on either side of this vest. I think they totally make it. 

Traveling Home

babymoon outfit ideas

You definitely want to be comfortable when traveling home, especially if you are flying. I have been on some flights recently where I was super uncomfortable. I recommend a dress rather than something with a waistband. I won't make that mistake again!

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