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Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I document my adventures in DIY, interior design, entertaining, and fashion all while sharing little tidbits of my life along the way. Thanks so much for following along. It seriously means the world to me!

What's in my Bag

What's in my Bag

what's in my bag

When it's hot outside who wants to be weighed down with a heavy bag full of stuff you never use. Summer is a great time to edit your bag and get rid of anything you don't need. That's why I've partnered with Starbucks and two other creatives, Brit + Co Creative Director Anjelika Temple and food blogger and photographer Nanette Wong. We are opening up our bags to show you our summer essentials.

Starbucks VIA

Besides the usual suspects like my phone and sunnies, I always always keep a notebook in my bag. My blogging schedule isn’t exactly relaxed, so if I don’t write everything down, I will forget. This notebook is my lifeline, and I love this design for spring. Plus it pairs perfectly with my gridded pen. I also always have hair ties, nail polish, and lip gloss in my bag for beauty emergencies. And finally, the Starbucks VIA® Instant Latte Caffe Mocha is totally necessary as I’m DIYing my lil’ heart out and styling photoshoots. My days are hectic, but these little bundles of joy get me through and are super convenient. The Caffe Mocha is my new favorite flavor. Want to know a little secret? Sometimes I add the packs to some hot milk instead of water to make my latte even more decadent. You may also spy my DIY earbud holder which I can't live without.

what's in my purse

Loving my new summer bag.

summer bag essentials

Remember these DIY striped loafers? I have been wearing these suckers out. Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my purse. What's in your bag? I love to hear about new products, so let me know in the comments below if there is something I should jump out and get.

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This is a sponsored post and was done in partnership with Starbucks. Kristi Murphy has received product, trade, and/or payment in exchange for promoting; however all opinions are her own. All other products selected for use in this project were selected by Kristi Murphy.

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