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Watermelon Cucumber Slush

Watermelon Cucumber Slush

watermelon cucumber slush

Since the 4th of July is this weekend, I've got watermelon on the brain. Is watermelon not the quintessential 4th of July BBQ fruit? There is nothing like biting into a slice of juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. Today I'm sharing a recipe for a watermelon cucumber slush. If that doesn't sound refreshing, I don't know what does. This is my latest project for KitchenAid.

watermelon recipe

This slush is super easy to make. There are only a few ingredients. 

watermelon drink recipe

You'll want to serve it immediately as it's a frozen drink. 

4th of July drink

Hop on over to the Kitchenthusiast for the full recipe. In case you are curious, here are all of my posts for KitchenAid.

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This is a sponsored post and was done in partnership with KitchenAid. Kristi Murphy has received product, trade, and/or payment in exchange for promoting; however all opinions are her own. All other products selected for use in this project were selected by Kristi Murphy.


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