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Boyfriend Shorts That Will Make You Actually Like Shorts

Boyfriend Shorts That Will Make You Actually Like Shorts

shorts outfit

I've gotta be honest ... it's no coincidence you have never seen a shorts outfit on this here blog. That my friends is because I hate shorts. Shorts are not my friend. Everyone has a part on their body that they are self-conscious of, and that for me is my legs. My former life doing gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance gave me some muscles. I don't have those long gorgeous skinny legs the models have ... you know the legs where their thighs are the same size as their calves? How is that humanly possible? So summer is almost here, and that means it is going to be 100 degrees here in Arizona before we know it. Maxi dresses are great for this kind of weather, but you can only have so many maxi dresses before your husband starts to wonder if you are pregnant again. So shorts are the obvious choice. I was on the search for a pair of shorts that I could feel good in, and I seriously found them. Meet my new boyfriend (shorts) ... hehe see what I did there. I love them so much they kinda feel like a new boyfriend. They are a little baggy (in a cute way), so they make your thighs look skinnier than they are. It's like magic.

boyfriend shorts outfit

This boyfriend shorts outfit is just the set of threads for hanging outside in your yard. You don't need to go far my friends, especially when you have a lil babe. We have been doing a lot of hanging out in the yard because it has been so nice out. I think it's the calm before the heat storm ... yikes!

cute shorts outfit

Here are the details of my self-proclaimed cute shorts outfit. The destructed shorts, army green vest, and graphic tee are all from GAP Factory. The shoes are old Gucci, but I think these DIY black and white loafers would be fabulous for a more casual look.

distressed shorts outfit

Here is a close up of the distressed shorts outfit. Notice the gap (hehe ... pun intended) between my thighs and the shorts because these shorts are a lil baggier. This is key my friends. It makes your legs look skinnier. This is science folks. No not at all. We never talk science on this here blog. These shorts come in a lighter shade and a darker shade. I kinda like the in-between shade if you couldn't tell.

jean shorts outfit

Here is the head to toe shot of my jean shorts outfit. Might I suggest this lemon basil cocktail to go along with your fun outdoor adventures? 

graphic tee outfit

You also gotta love a good graphic tee outfit. Graphic tee sayings can get cheesy, but this one keeps it pretty simple and versatile.

best shorts for big thighs

If you can be accused of googling best shorts for big thighs (not that I have ever done it) ... these are a great option folks. I'm not kidding when I say I heart them in. a. big. way. P.S. This is me prepping for the big jump shot below.

army green vest and shorts outfit

Can we talk about this army green vest? And it has pockets!

summer shorts outfit

I just love a good jump shot. There is nothing like it to set the mood for outdoor summer fun.

shorts outfits

What other cute shorts outfits do you guys have? 

outfit shorts

Hope this inspires you to give shorts another shot! These babies totally did that for me. Maybe I'll run into you at GAP Factory, since it seems it will be my new home this summer.

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This is a sponsored post and was done in partnership with GAP Factory. Kristi Murphy has received product, trade, and/or payment in exchange for promoting; however all opinions are her own. All other products selected for use in this project were selected by Kristi Murphy.

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