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Floating Gallery Wall + Home Decor with TinyPrints

Floating Gallery Wall + Home Decor with TinyPrints

photo gallery ideas

I've got a DIY floating gallery wall for you today! I have been working hard on updating our master bedroom. It is coming along slowly but surely. I can't wait to do a reveal for you all when it's complete! Here is a sneak peek at what I've done so far. Yes, that bed frame is a DIY. Stay tuned for the full tutorial. One of the first things I wanted to do with our bedroom was a DIY gallery wall over our bed using some photos from our wedding! I used the new wall decor line from Tiny Prints. Did you all know they came out with a home decor line? I love it! I also created some other custom home decor goodies on Tiny Prints, and I'm sharing my designs for you to download.

Create Metal Prints On TinyPrints

  1. Click on metal wall art on TinyPrints.
  2. Choose your design. I used the 20 x 16 favorite memory prints and the 16 x 20 favorite memory prints.
  3. Click personalize. Don't add any text. Upload your photos. And you are ready to move down to the floating gallery steps below!
TinyPrints pillows

Create These Pillows On TinyPrints

  1. Go to custom pillows on the TinyPrints website.
  2. Choose which pillow design you want. I used the 24 x 18 favorite memory pillows and the 18 x 18 favorite memory pillow.
  3. Click personalize. Upload your photo or my floral pillow design + pink pillow design. And voila!
Shutterfly glass photos

Create Custom Acrylic Photo Blocks On TinyPrints

  1. Go to acrylic photo blocks on TinyPrints.
  2. Choose the photo block you want. I used the 7 x 5 favorite memory photo block.
  3. Click personalize. Upload your photo. And you are done!
TinyPrints home products
TinyPrints monogram throw

Create Monogram Throws On TinyPrints

  1. Click on herringbone throws on TinyPrints.
  2. Choose which design you want. I used the Herringbone Single Initial : Navy.
  3. Click on Personalize. Add your initial, and get ready to get cozy!
DIY antler
floating gallery walls
Shutterfly throw
gallery wall how to

Rather than mount the photos to the wall, I did a lil' something different. I suspended the photos from the ceiling at different depths to give it a 3 dimensional feel. I used a mix of metal prints and mounted prints in sizes 16" x 20" and 20" x 16." However, I suggest just using metal prints. The backing is easier to remove, and it makes the gallery wall look more uniform.

Create The Floating Gallery Effect

photo gallery DIY
photo gallery tutorial

Remove the mounting brackets from the metal photos by tapping a putty knife underneath the mounting brackets using a hammer. I left the mounting brackets on the mounted prints because they were difficult to remove.

DIY photo gallery

Drill holes into the top left and right corners of each photo. Thread the clear mounting cord through and knot the ends according to the cord instructions. Screw the hooks into the ceiling where you want the photos to be. For spacing, it is easiest to make paper cutouts of each photo and place them on the wall where you want them. My how to do a gallery wall post shows you the step-by-step. And that's it! Simple enough ... huh?

gallery walls

Can you please help me convince M to get rid of our ceiling fan? Wouldn't a cool light fixture look so much more chic? And in case you are interested, here are all of my projects for TinyPrints.

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