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Color-Coded Towel Loops

Color-Coded Towel Loops

organizing towels

I have guests coming into town this weekend, so I am rushing around getting the house "visitor-ready." Nate Berkus says you should always have your house in "guest-ready" condition.  I try, but I always fail miserably at this concept!  I am turning over a new leaf with these color-coded towel loops,  a great way for organizing towels.

towel organization ideas

These color-coded towel loops are so awesome. Have you ever shared a bathroom with guests and lost track of whose towel is whose? With these, your guests won't have that issue. Each guest can pick a color and never lose track of their towel. I got the idea from Martha Stewart. It's one of the most genius towel organization ideas I've ever seen! Here is how to do them ...


1" wide cotton twill tape in various colors
sewing machine or hand-sewing needle + thread


Cut pieces of twill tape long enough so when looped, they will fit around your towel hooks. Loop twill tape pieces and fold ends under. With a machine or by hand, sew loops onto towels where you want them.

house guest ideas

Put this at the top of your list of house guest ideas. You can even do the colors to match your bathroom decor. Whatcha think?

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