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Fab Display for an Engagement Ring

Fab Display for an Engagement Ring

 DIY engagement ring display

So I have to admit ... I'm super excited about being engaged ... so much so I didn't want to put my ring away in my jewelry box with all of my other rings ... because let's face it ... it's not like all my other rings. It's very special.

So, I had an idea ... why not display my ring in a beautiful way? Maybe a DIY engagement ring display? Immediately, I thought of a mini frame I had bought a long time ago and never used that was sparkly and pearly ... the perfect thing to display a soon-to-be wed emblem.  You obviously can't put a ring into a frame, so I had to do some transforming.  Here's what I did in case you want to try ... P.S. Here are my engagement photos in case you are interested.

 engagement ring display tutorial

I took the glass out of the frame.  I then cut out a piece of very thin cork board.  I covered the cork board with a small piece of white silk fabric.  Third, I put the covered cork board piece back in the frame and secured the back.  

 how to make an engagement ring display

Finally, I pushed a decorative pin into the now covered cork board to serve as a hook for the ring.

 engagement ring frame display

And then the best part ... I added my new pretty ring!

This "ring frame" sits on my nightstand next to a beautiful jewelry box my sister gave me along with a "wedding plans" glass bowl my sister crafted for our engagement party.  It held napkins that people could write advice to us about our wedding.

 engagement ring display

You can use this trick for any little trinket.  Maybe your late grandmother gave you a ring or a bracelet that you cherish. It's great to have these things out because you will see them more and then think of the person who gave them to you more.

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