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5 Minute DIY Christmas Coasters

DIY Christmas coasters

I'm IN LOVE with these DIY Christmas coasters! And the best part is, they match the holiday pillows I just shared with you! They will seriously take you 5 minutes. Holla!

DIY holiday decorations
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4" x 4" Snow White Tile (about 14 cents a piece at Home Depot)

Mod Podge (make sure to get gloss finish or super gloss finish)

Small Felt Pads 

Printable Design

Foam Brushes (I used these.)

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DIY holiday coasters

Print design + Cut out to the exact size of your tiles. Lay design over tile. Spread modge podge over the design and tile and let dry according to the modge podge instructions. When dry add felt pads to back of tiles to protect your table.

holiday DIY

Whatcha think?!!

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