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Make Faux Leather Coasters Using Supplies from the Target Dollar Section!

DIY Leather Coasters

Today is faux leather coaster day ... well not really ... but it is here on the blog. Before I get into that though, do you ever get so into projects you kinda forget to take care of yourself? Please say yes, so I don't feel so bad about myself. I definitely haven't brushed my hair for three days. Don't worry, I've showered. I just forgot to brush my hair once I showered ... for three days. I should probably take care of that soon, and that was probably TMI. But there is just too much fun stuff to do around here! One fun thing I did was make some faux leather coasters using supplies from the dollar section at Target. Are you as obsessed with that little aisle of heaven as I am? That place is magical. I always find gorgeous goodies. In case you are interested, here are all of my DIYs using finds from the Target Dollar Section. These gold + turquoise triangle notebooks are my new fave finds. I have a spot in my living room that was in desperate need of some coasters for functionality and looks, and the DIY Shutterfly coasters I did were a big hit. So I decided to use some of my Target dollar store notebooks to make some faux leather coasters for you (and me ... let's be honest). 

Do It Yourself Coasters
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Target Dollar Section Faux Leather Notebooks
Ruler (yep this bright gem is from the dollar section too ... woot woot)

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How To Make Leather Coasters

Remove the faux leather/covers from the notebooks.

Coasters DIY

Measure and cut out 3.75" squares.

Making Coasters

Aaaaaaand you're done!

DIY Coaster

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Do you like these? Any other ways you DIY Coasters? Let me know in the comments!

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