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DIY Taxidermy Coat Hanger

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Of you follow me on Facebook, you probably already know that I am in the middle of making over my laundry room. One day soon I will be done (let's hope at least), and I will share here on the bloggy. But for now, I've got a little sneaky peeky. The laundry room is the first room you come to when you enter the house from the garage. It also serves as the pantry and the "catch all" for keys, purses, wallets, you name it. So I decided to make a fun hanger for all of these items that look just so lovely laying around. Meet my new taxidermy hat hanger/key hanger/coat hanger/scarf hanger ... you get the idea.

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sheds/antlers (You can typically find these on Etsy or other online stores or at antique or thrift stores)
pipe clamps or pipe straps (I found the pipe straps to work better. I got the 1" size, but you will want to make sure your strap will fit around your antler and be flush with the wall.)
patterning tape
Sharpie paint pens (I found either oil or water-based worked. I got mine at Michael's)
drywall anchor kits (not pictured)
drill (not pictured)

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Tape your pattern with your patterning tape.

DIY, Hat, Rack, Ideas

Using your Sharpie paint markers, color in your pattern.

DIY, Hat, Stand

Drill holes where you want your screws to go. Hammer in your drywall anchors. Screw on your pipe straps or clamps.

DIY, Hat, Racks

Allow to dry for a couple hours. Remove the patterning tape.

Easy, DIY, Coat, Rack

Voila! You are ready to pile on the keys, scarves, etc!

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Look out for great deals on Sharpie Paint Markers at Michael's stores or on

DIY, Coat, Rack

I really like the way this turned out. What do you think? Do you have any other "catch all" solutions or DIYs you've come up with? I'd love to see. Share with me below!

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