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5 Min Leather Belt (Leather Couch Chronicles #4)

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I recently bought a new dress (exhibit A), but I didn't have a cute belt to wear with it. I wanted something simple that would go with just about anything. Immediately, I thought of all the leather I have from my Thrift Store Leather Couch find, and decided to put one together. Yep folks, this is Leather Couch Chronicles #4! If you're curious here are the rest of the Leather Couch Chronicles projects. This DIY will take you all of about 5 minutes. If you know how to use scissors and glue, you can do it!

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Measure your waist size. Cut a piece of ribbon the size of your waist plus about 12-24 inches so you can tie a bow in the back. Taking into consideration the size width you want your belt, create a leaf shape. Cut out this leaf shape to use as a stencil for your other leaves. Use your stencil to make as many leaves as you need to cover your ribbon leaving 6-12 inches on each side so you can tie the bow in the back. As you cut out your leaves, begin laying the pattern you want onto your ribbon.

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Glue each leaf on the ribbon overlaying one over the next. Tie a bow in the back to wear. If you want to get real professional with it, you can use a snap on the back of the belt instead of the tie. That would be real snazzy!

How To Make A Leather Belt

Here is Leather Couch Chronicles #5 in case you are interested. Now how can you not give this one a try?! It's so easy! And again, here are all of the posts in the Leather Couch Chronicles.

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