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DIY Triangle Earbud Holder (Leather Couch Chronicles #5)

Headphone Case DIY

This DIY earbud holder will take you 5 minutes to make ... literally! If you have been following along with my Leather Couch Chronicles (hopefully you aren't sick of them yet), this is #5! For those of you who aren't familiar, I skinned a leather couch I bought for $25! And I have been showing you all the fun projects I have been able to make with all of the leather! I am so surprised with how many DIYs it is yielding. I have been having so much fun with it. So back to the earbuds. Here is the full tutorial for this DIY Triangle Earbud Case.

DIY Earbuds

It's amazing how this lil' piece of leather is changing my life!

Earbuds DIY
DIY Tangle Free Earbuds

Fold your leather piece in half and cut a triangle shape. When you open the piece you will have a diamond shape.

Earbud Case DIY

Using your largest hole punch, punch a hole on one side of the diamond. I find the large leather hole punches are harder to punch. You may need to recruit a strong man to press the punch. You will hear a snap when it punches through.

Earbud Organizer DIY

On the other side of the diamond, punch a hole using the smallest or second smallest hole punch.

DIY Earbud Storage

Screw the stud onto the small hole side. Make sure the stud is facing the backside of the leather.

Earbud Holder DIY

Wrap your earbud/cord around the leather or inside the leather. 

DIY Earbud Holder

Push the stud through the hole. It may be difficult the first time, but each consecutive time, it will get easier. 

DIY Headphone Case

No more tangled earbuds!

Headphones Holder DIY

I also made a white one with some leftover leather I had from this DIY Sunnies Case.

How To Make A Earbud Holder

And of course a gold one! If you like this post, check out Leather Couch Chronicles #6. And again here is the link to all of the Leather Couch Chronicles.

Do you have any other fun solutions for your earbuds? I'm all ears (sorry I couldn't resist ;-). If you find this post helpful, please follow me below! You will get instant access to exclusive DIYs and a free party printable collection.


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