DIY Gold Belt

 belt DIY

So I had this silver belt that I absolutely loved. But I found myself never wearing it because the buckle was silver. I wear WAY more gold than silver. I call this the silver accessory syndrome. Do you suffer from silver accessory syndrome? Do you have silver accessories that you seem to never wear because gold is the thing right now? Here is a quick way to update your accessories. I now wear this belt ALL the time. Win!

 DIY belt

gold spray paint (this one is my fave)
blue painter's tape

 how to spray paint a belt

Tape the areas of your belt that you do not want painted.

 how to paint a belt

Spray paint your belt buckle. Voila! You've got a DIY gold belt!

 DIY gold belt

Do you suffer from silver accessory syndrome? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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