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Condiment Party Favors For Your Summer Soirées

DIY Summer Party Favors

These DIY party favors were an idea I had in the middle of the night. I got so excited about them, I almost popped out of bed and started working on them right away.  But .... (sigh) ... I waited until morning. On a related note, have you guys seen the Oh Joy summer collection for Target? It is so draw-droppingly (pretty sure I just made up that word) gorgeous, I'm making up reasons to throw a party just to use the stuff. So today's tutorial involves repurposing her condiment bottles as party favors for your summer soirées. Without further ado, here are the deets on my Condiment Party Favors

Summer Party Favors DIY

When you twist the top off to get the goodies inside, a "Thank You" banner comes "pouring out :-).

Summer Parties
BBQ Condiment Party Favor
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Summer Party
Summer Party Favor DIY

Print the favor tags + mini banner free printables. Cut out the letters into mini banner shapes or your shape of choice. Glue the banner letters to the twine. Attach the end of the twine to the inside top of the bottles with glue or tape.

Party Favor DIY

Attach the opposite end of the twine to the bottom inside of the bottle. You may need a pencil to stick in there to press the tape down.

Party Favor Ideas For Kids

Fill your bottle with gumballs.

Summer Party Favor Ideas For Kids

When you pull the top off the thank you banner will come "pouring" out.

Summer Pool Party Favors
Summer Party Favors
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As you can see you can either do these with the "thank you" inside, outside, or both. I think these are so fun for summer parties or barbecues. What do you think?

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